Intel Iris graphics, Mac and The Sims 3

Just written a brief page on the Intel Iris problems on Macs with The Sims 3. Sadly EA will never fix it but there is a possible workaround. Head over to the page if you need to know more :)

Intel Iris and Intel Iris Pro graphics and The Sims 3

It’s native!

Since my earlier post about EA using Cider for The Sims 4 I’ve been harassing various Sim Gurus and Transgaming for an answer on the forum and Twitter. After repeatedly asking, SimGuruModSquad replied stating that the game is absolutely native in OS X and EA did not use Cider. The information in the manual was printed in error…..


A few minutes later, SimGuruSteve (one and the same?) replied on Twitter, also confirming the same thing:

Thank god!

And about the printing error (shame I don’t have a bigger picture, sorry) – exasperated