EA’s Origin uninstaller instructions for Mac are incomplete

If you’re wanting to uninstall Origin from your Mac you need to poke around in your Mac’s hidden Library folder to completely remove any trace of it. EA have produced a help page to guide you through how and where to find the relevant files to delete, unfortunately their instructions are incomplete and you will still be left with a load of files which could interfere with a successfull Origin reinstall, specifically the cache files:

EA Origin Uninstall

My clear instructions on where to find the files to delete, can be found here. Remember, it is advisable to turn off automatic updates in Origin, as well as The Sims 4 automatic updates.

So this happened the other day. And a new build.

A couple of weeks ago this happened to my beloved MacBook Pro:

Poorly MBP

The hard drive had been making ominous clicking noises for a couple of months or so which is never a good sign and then one day it just wouldn’t boot. I booted from the drive that my Mac originally shipped with, erased, reformatted and reinstalled on the internal and it’s all been fine so far (that external drive is backing up all my stuff which, thankfully, was retrievable). But yesterday it started clicking again :( I was dubious when I bought this hybrid drive rather than a full on SSD, should have gone with my gut feeling and bought the SSD instead.

After reinstalling the OS and importing all my photos, files, music etc. I reinstalled The Sims 4 and nervously copied over my saves, hoping I hadn’t lost the last few builds I’d worked on. Thankfully everything was fine. I haven’t got round to reinstalling The Sims 3 yet, I know it’s going to take HOURS and I just don’t have the energy at the moment. I’m desperate to play it though because iWorld is finished and uploaded and I really want to get into it like Caspin, Tremayne, Ashpeef and all the others who are happily playing on our happy little thread on the Mac forum.

Together with the Treehouse I’m building in TS4, I’ve been working on this little hidden cottage. I think it’s so cute and the idea is that’s surrounded by foliage. I’m obsessed with the plants and foliage in TS4 at the moment :)

Intel Iris graphics, Mac and The Sims 3

Just written a brief page on the Intel Iris problems on Macs with The Sims 3. Sadly EA will never fix it but there is a possible workaround. Head over to the page if you need to know more :)

Intel Iris and Intel Iris Pro graphics and The Sims 3