Oh you are so busted ExcLusiv3/XcLusiv3/Rud3Bwoyz/Rud3Boy/Rud3bwoy or whatever the hell your sodding name is. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s Almando Boochoon.

A few of us were already looking into him but TMN beat us to it and boy, did they do it well. Have a lookie here.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, have a look at my posts from earlier today here, here and zoom in on the .jpeg here.

EDIT: If you look at his Steam profile the picture is of a girl sitting in a car (I have pixelated her face out because, let’s face it, would you want to be associated with him?):

But look at what Krisque has just sent me, a screenshot of his profile BEFORE this whole situation blew up so spectacularly in his face:

We all know it’s you Almando. You’re famous (or should that be infamous?)!

Thanks Krisque 😉

EDIT (again!): He’s now changed it back to himself. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

8 thoughts on “BUSTED!

  1. Sad, sad little boy living at mommy’s house! He posts on the forum about how he remembers asking his parents for money to buy games, but his youtube account has him in his room with the door shut and all his little toys around him. Why wouldn’t he have his playstaion, xbox and bigscreen in the living room if he was a big rud3bwoy living on his own? And another video I found talked about how excited he was to get his custom gaming computer and mommy was getting the old one, I wonder if these toys were paid for with the money he made selling pirated games on craigs list. Oh yeah I found posts about that too! Just didn’t put it together with the settlement until TMN posted it. I have a memory like an elephant and an internal BS indicator! And my nose has been burning for this guy for at least a week with the stink of BS! I am just so happy he was ousted! Buh-bye rud3boy! Have fun on X-box live!


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