Awww, bless

Do you think I may have upset someone?

They’ve very helpfully commented 3 times, just in case I missed it the first time. I decided to pixel out their IP address. Dammit, I forgot to cover up the email address too!

They also sent me a link to a .gif on imageshack, which I’m sure is probably very nice to look at but I suspect is probably porn/malware so I don’t think I’ll be clicking on it. But thank you kaka for taking the time to click on the plagiarist link I posted over at TS3 😉

BTW – I now know who this is. I had my suspicions and they have now been confirmed. Can you guess?

4 thoughts on “Awww, bless

  1. BlueBell,

    It looks like you have been quite upset as of late. Sorry to hear about the plagiarism. I some way have never been plagiarized. I’m always wonder if it’s because my houses just aren’t nice enough for anyone to want to call their own.:(

    I’d rather think it’s just because no one wants to mess with the Fidler. LOL!!! I’m sure that’s not the case.

    BTW, as you may know, I’ve had to restart my Workshop thread for the 3rd time. This guy you’ve talked about made a post too on the current Workshop thread. I think it’s on the 2nd page if I’m not mistaken.



  2. Nah, I’m not upset FId, just disappointed in some parts of humanity I guess. If I am upset it is mainly at EA for not really doing anything about these plagiarists. But I think the community have proven how strong they are over the weekend and word is now getting out that we, collectively, will not tolerate it. Your houses are amazing Fid, I think you’ve just been lucky although I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of you 😉

    So sorry about your Workshop thread and I understand how frustrated you must be. FIngers crossed this one stays. I’ll pop in later x


  3. Hello! Thanks for inviting me. More about Exclusive, he joined my site pretending to be SRinsimmerland so I accepted him and he spammed me again…It’s nice that I am so important!


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