sesert34 – I pity how lonely and boring your life must be.

Looks like we have another rud3 on our hands folks.

Sesert34 is constantly ripping off others’ builds – just have a look at his studio. But this time he’s being downright malicious and nasty, just like lovely old Rud3. Let me explain:

Jisgr8 is renowned for his amazingly detailed and elaborate builds. His current WiP, Waddesdon Manor, is incredible (you can see pictures on his TS3 page). BUT he has not yet uploaded it. So I wonder what crappy lot sesert34 was trying to trick you all into downloading when he uploaded a lot named Waddesdon Manor with a screenshot from jisgr8’s TS3 page showcasing his WiP? A thread was started over at TS3 about this sorry situation, you can find it here:

This thread will probably be removed soon by EA thanks to sesert34 trolling under some new names – ilovejisgr8/e3e3e3ufo and probably Mch36506/hgtghnmjnhgfgngfde. I have taken screen grabs of the current 2 pages, page 1 is here and page 2 here

Thankfully the lot has now been removed from sesert34’s studio.

It was this comment however, on the above mentioned thread, that has shown us how sick and downright mentally challenged sesert34 seems to be:

Sesert34 actually popped by this blog on the 14th February and browsed the Plagiarists page. He also found the time to comment, by drawing attention to himself, again:

Amazing huh? Why would you want to draw attention to the fact that you are a nasty, lying, immoral piece of crap? I can only guess it’s because sesert34’s life is so unbelievably uninteresting and boring that he has to create drama to make himself known. Oh, and he obviously has zero talent when it comes to building as his own efforts are, frankly, pitiful. Uploading a lot to the exchange with all the objects from a certain EP or SP does NOT mean that the downloader will get the objects if they do not have said EP or SP. Another attempt to draw attention to himself.

EDIT – Thank you for the comments Sesert34. As you are from Israel I am guessing that English is not your first language although you do seem to have a fairly good grasp of it. Just so you know, I have to approve all comments from someone who has not yet replied to any of my posts so please, feel free to keep commenting as they’ll never be published 😉

4 thoughts on “sesert34 – I pity how lonely and boring your life must be.

  1. If i was a moderator or admin for the sims 3 site, i would have already banned him a new hole.

    PS: This is Kelly_Blake from the forums.

    jisgr8 makes beautiful stuff, i just wish i had a game installed that i could play it… though i can download it… thankfully.


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