EA update for the weirdo.

EA now seem to be a little more active over the user who is harassing/blackmailing/bribing us. They have asked me for screenshots which I have happily sent them together with screenshots from others who are being harassed. Meanwhile, SimEve has started a thread over at the TS3 site about this:


The thread was started over at Creative Corner but EA moved it very swiftly to Technical Discussion – proof that they have seen it but have yet to act fast enough. I shall carry on waiting……………..

9 thoughts on “EA update for the weirdo.

  1. It’s great to hear that EA is FINALLY doing at least SOMETHING. As usual, it’s teensy baby steps, but… it’s something.
    Forums… not… working…
    I’m just about ready to murder that dishwasher baby and his mother who was dumb enough to put him there in the first place.


  2. Today the original thread was deleted but scenegothgirl’s thread “click here if you do not visit creative corner” in GD that linked to it was locked with a message saying they were actioning it and deleting accounts as they found them. Also instructions on how to report if anyone receives similar stuff.


  3. I hope this is resolved soon. Thank you for your diligence, BluebellFlora. Your persistence is hopefully making TS3 site safer for everyone. Sorry this had to happen to you, though.

    By the way, I wanted to let you know that your website looks lovely. I especially like the mirrored effect on the photos. Thank you for the lovely link, too! It is a stunning website, all around.


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