A BIG, BIG thank you

To all who have been involved and helped in recent events regarding a certain user(s). You all know who you are 😉

In the meantime, here’s a little light reading that was pointed out to me:


7 thoughts on “A BIG, BIG thank you

  1. Hi! Who am I? Russian woman. I just hate bullies. Engaged in educating the children of adolescence. All to know is impossible. I would ragweed, I have would have reached all knowledge. Link is good thanks!


  2. I actually found this on AE’s Grumpy Toast blog, being an avid reader of both that and her regular blog.

    I’d dearly love to shake the author by the hand. The way that site is run is deplorable. I’m the parent of a ten year old girl, who has on occasions played TS3. I know not old enough but her class teacher tells us that she’s good at designing rooms. I thought that The Sims might encourage that.

    Anyhow, original point which I strayed off of. I wouldn’t let my daughter use that site, seriously. It’s so badly moderated as to be laughable, doesn’t work right half the time and the adult content and bullying bothers me, never mind my daughter.


  3. Wow, that’s so sad Arletta. I’m glad she was nowhere near it yesterday afternoon when all the porn was being posted on the forum. I just do not understand why they take so long to remove stuff, hours if not days sometimes. That’s so cool she loves and is good at all the designing stuff – it’s the only reason I have the game!


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