Now it’s war

WARNING – What you are about to read is not nice. If you are easily offended and don’t take kindly to swearing then I suggest you don’t bother reading any further. If you are a subscriber to this blog and are of a sensitive nature then you may want to delete this email without reading anymore. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


You just couldn’t leave it alone could you sesert? For the last two months you’ve been commenting every day on here, you sad fucking excuse for a human being. And for two months I’ve been ignoring you whilst quietly saving all the information you’ve given me. And holy fuck have you given me a lot of information. Do you not realise the trail you leave behind every time you leave a comment on a blog, let alone just visiting a website? I can see you when you visit, I can see which pages you’re looking at. And I can see how long you stay on my site, where you come from and where you go to. This is information I don’t normally pay a lot of attention to but for you it’s been extremely useful.

You know that hole you started digging for yourself back in February? It’s going to take you an awfully long time to get out of it. You thought it was funny posting your pathetic little comments on my Sim Facebook page? So did I. Especially as Facebook, not me,  deleted them all and it would probably have been linked back to your REAL Facebook page. You thought it was funny leaving all those nasty comments on ENTELLIGENT’s page over at EA? You fucking creep, ENTELLIGENT has just turned 12. As for your comments on BookyGirl’s blog:

“Comment” suicide? You fucking shit head. I’ve seen you post the same over at EA on pages and forum posts. Change the record will you?

I may not have contacted all the authorities that xXAngelicEvilXx and a few other Simmers have but I sure have all the evidence. And that evidence has been passed around, checked and verified. Bet Netvision aren’t too pleased with you right now are they?

By all means carry on sesert. The more information you give us the better. And it makes no difference when you’re posting from a public computer rather than your own. You can be found.

And as for you EA. Don’t think you’ve got off lightly. I also have all the proof I need that you’ve been been grossly incompetent over this whole situation. Live Chat logs, emails and forum posts.

Thank you to xXAngelicEvilXx for firing me up enough to post this 😀

And thank you to the other Simmers who I have been in regular contact with over this for the last 2 months. You know who you are 😉

14 thoughts on “Now it’s war

  1. Bluebell,

    Look at my messages at TS3 and there’s a whole bunch of them. He sent me 11 messages at one time.
    I have reported him to EA three times and they’ve done nothing at all. I’m about to call EA’s main office to start off with.

    The little prick is going to get hung out to dry by the time I’m done with him.



  2. I reported some of his pages 10 days in a row and they are STILL up. Some of the member pages that have “gotohell” in the titles of the screennames, how EA allows that to get by just floors me but an exchange item with the word “shag” in it posts with stars in place of the word…. Go figure EA! The screennames reference other member names specifically as well. Seems like they don’t give a shit as long as they are peddling their crap!


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