Apparently, I’m going to be killed.

Just had a quick look at my deleted comments and found the following:

A direct threat to my life? Hmm, ok. Sesert, there’s something I forgot to tell you. Something you may need to think about.

My boyfriend is a Police Officer. That’s right, he is a serving member of a Constabulary here in the UK. Just mull that one over in your mind for a little while.

Meanwhile, EA are still finding it very hard to find the delete button, just check out all these accounts which are still active:

Guess they’re too busy thinking up new ways for us to part with our money than be concerned about the users on their website.

EDIT – so a mere hour after this posting and he visits for the 4th time today. Just as xXAngelicEvilXx has pointed out over on The Grumpy Toast he’s so obsessed with himself that he’s always visiting the same blog posts. And by the looks of it he’s actually bookmarked this entry about himself.

So after his latest visit I get 2 new friend requests over at EA:

I’m not stupid you know.