And so it continues.

Despite some Simmers over on the main forums thinking they had managed to save the day (yeah, whatever), the little twat is still creating user names to fill up his empty life. Really guys, this is one bandwagon you DON’T want to jump on. But if you would like to start taking his attentions away from the people he’s been stalking for the last 3 months be my guest. He’s awfully dull and repetitive. These are his visits over the last 7 days:

You see? He never went away at all.

These are his latest user names for you all to ignore:

Report them if you like. Not that it makes much difference to EA. They’re too busy sticking their heads up each other’s arses.

This is my absolute final word on this. No more blog posts or new user names. I’m really enjoying BlueBay Retreat and am busy building new houses 🙂