Now EA have to act. And fast.

So a media outlet finally decided to report on the ongoing problem with EA’s moderation of their website:


Whichever Simmer it was who managed to make themselves heard, well done!

And now I need to state some facts which a lot of people are deciding to overlook.

  • The problem is not and never  has been the troll, who clearly does have some whopping problems of his own, the problem is EA’s lack of moderation on their website. If this was a one off, fine, shit happens, but EA have been made aware about this for OVER 3 MONTHS. They have received hundreds if not thousands of reports but have still failed to implement any changes to stop this user from creating well over 100 user accounts now. They have not deleted any of the accounts, even the ones he used to post porn and send abusive messages to others, instead they are just showing as hidden which a user can do themselves.
  • They still do not seem to be screening uploads to the Exchange so inappropriate images are still appearing.
  • Instead of helping people to avoid the dodgy accounts, EA have actively deleted threads which were meant to help people work out which Friend Requests to ignore. Take a look here.
  • Yes, the Sims 3 has no pornographic content in the actual game, but EA actively encourage people to join the Sims 3  community, post on and read the forums, and upload and download from the Exchange. They have an online Store on The Sims 3 website where you can buy, with real money, more items for your game which you can also “gift” to people with a private message. EA Customer Support also actively encourage people to look at the forums for solutions to problems rather than contact EA directly.

I, and many other Simmers, have proof of all of the above. And if you’re still in any doubt I suggest you take a look at some of my previous posts, noting the dates (don’t worry, you won’t find any offensive images, I pixelated the naughty bits):

Pornography on the Sims 3 Exchange, 12th October 2010

More porn on the Exchange, 5th November 2010

EA website hacked and a message linking to porn, purportedly from a Sim Guru (EA employee), sent to user accounts, 7th December 2010

First full length report of abuse to EA Customer Support, 12th March 2011

And if you want to see more, just choose EA from the dropdown Category menu in the right hand side toolbar or head over to The Mare’s Nest for their post today.

8 thoughts on “Now EA have to act. And fast.

  1. Hmmm…. Will EA do something if this negative press attention effects their bottom line? Until now, they are like ostriches, burying their heads in the sand. Should I hope it’ll ever change? Puke.


  2. Well maybe when you got the message to provide all the information you had it was in response to them sdurrying after a reporter tried to contact them! If the reporter contacted the company and they realized now they are gonna get press out of this they may just be trying to play damage control. One can only speculate since they don’t do anything or address the situation! I guess we shall soon see!


  3. Supposedly it takes 24-48 hours for them to remove stuff in the exchange that is reported.

    I recently reported some stuff (in fact most of someone’s studio) that many people had already downloaded that had what looked like corrupt custom content or coding issues. It took them a week to come back to me saying I had to respond through the EA site within 48 hours or they would close the question as solved. Huh?

    I think they’ll put more effort into their response to the media on this than they will into fixing the problems.


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