At least our little pet troll is good for a laugh……. sometimes

Sorry, I know I shouldn’t post this but it’s just too goddamn funny not to 😀 All naughty words and links to porn pixellated for those of you with a sensitive nature.

He’s currently running rampant on this blog leaving me some lovely comments:

First up was this:

What colour should I dye myself? Red? Blue? And you work for EA now? Oh ok, that would explain why the forums are such a mess then.

Aaaah. So you tried to hoodwink the EA reps but it didn’t work. Phew, that was close!

Pretending to be Chemicalwibs doesn’t work you ignorant fool….. And as I’ve already told you before, I do not believe in heaven or hell so please come up with something new next time, ok?

Pretending to be someone else again. Yawwwwwwwwn…….zzzzzzzzzzzz……………

I should imagine he’s trying to get serial codes again so be prepared for more porn on the forums over the next couple of days. I’m not bothering to report him, his posts or the new usernames he’s creating anymore. I conversed in private with a Guru and gave them, AGAIN, all the info they needed but some of the accounts from months ago are still up. Brilliant.

Hope you all found this as amusing as I did. 😆

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