The Sims 3 and Mac OS X Lion – no problems here

*IMPORTANT – Please see the note at the bottom of this post for incompatible graphics cards.*

Ignore and take anything which anyone posts about TS3 working on Lion with a pinch of salt. I, mistakenly, thought that it was run by knowledgeable people. I was wrong. Anyone can comment and change the status of an Application.

Anyway, I’ve been playing for hours now and aside from the game glitches which all users are having with the Generations patch, my game is playing exactly like it was before I installed OS X Lion. And I’ve actually been playing, not just building.

Tonight I placed a new Sim, built a house and sent my Sim off around town to all venues. She interacted with Sims, completed Opportunities, bought Lifetime Rewards and used a variety of household objects. I also played an already placed Sim family and everything was fine.

I have all Expansion and Stuff Packs installed, a ton of stuff from the Store, no CC and no mods. I didn’t do a clean install of the game once I upgraded to Lion, I’m still using the installation I was using in Snow Leopard which I clean installed a couple of weeks ago.

I understand of course that some people may have problems, like we all do with this temperamental game. But if you are a Mac user and want to upgrade to Lion (it’s fantastic by the way) don’t assume that there will be problems caused by the new OS.

My Mac:

I took the screenshots below when I went into Expose/Mission Control.

Edit – Just added my MBP specs to compare against. I’m undecided on whether I’m going to install Lion on my iMac because of CAW in Boot Camp and the recovery partition that Lion creates – any ideas?

*UPDATE 27/07/11 – I may not be having problems but a ton of Mac users are. It seems that there is a problem with playing The Sims 3 on any Mac which is running Lion and has the NVIDIA GeForce 9400 or NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics cards. Please go to this thread on the official forums for further information:

19 thoughts on “The Sims 3 and Mac OS X Lion – no problems here

  1. Looks good to me lol.

    Unfortunately, while some things like an outdated driver for a video card, or insufficient memory can cause problems, most of the problems that people run into are in fact caused by EA and not the computer.

    Sometimes, it’s CC or a Mod, sometimes, it’s the graphics card, sometimes, it’s a lack of memory, and sometimes, it’s just something completely off the wall. However, if people run a check on their cards, their RAM, and disable all their CC and the game continues to have problems? Chances are, it’s the fuckery EA has inflicted on the games.

    The only OS problem I’ve ever really heard of is Vista, and it wasn’t just Vista, but a mixture of things. Vista paired with Nvidia, paired with Norton, kernel memory loss and all of that nonsense. But it was never the OS on its own.


  2. Yep. It pisses me off that because a few people so far can’t play the game they automatically assume that EVERYONE will be having the same problem so therefore change the status from “some problems” to “will not work”! I bet that the problems they are encountering are simply CC/mods/game not patched up to date/older Macs. Lion needs at least 2Gb RAM to run smoothly. Don’t EA recommend 2Gb RAM for TS3?

    All video card driver updates come straight from Apple so everyone who has installed Lion will be up to date with those. Might be antivirus if they have it installed on their Mac, I dunno. I don’t have any installed on mine.


  3. Well, that’s good news – I’m glad the game is running smoothly for you;) My MacBook is already 2 years old, so I haven’t decided yet if I should upgrade now or when I buy a new Mac – somewhere in the very distant future, I might add. lol. And I also have lots of CC and mods, and I don’t know if that will conflict in any way. Might have to wait for feedback from other CC users on that.


    1. Good idea Wibs (waiting I mean!). My MacBook Pro is the 2009 model so it’s not exactly new. I have 8gb RAM in it which helps no end with playing TS3. I think the game can recognise a maximum of 4gb? I read that somewhere a while ago.


  4. … and don’t assume that just because you work ok most others will. I have an iMac 21.5, 12GB RAM. I did a clean install of Lion, a clean install of Sims 3 with all packs (inc Generations) for my daughter. It hangs immediately, every time. We’ve tried with and without patching the game. My hunch is that there ARE issues with Sims 3 and Lion and that there will be a fix in due course.


  5. I don’t assume anything when it comes to anything EA related. And don’t assume that EA will issue a fix either. They have never updated the game for Mac users to support the 2010 and 2011 graphics cards Apple use in the computers – that may well be the problem that users are experiencing. Have you ever used EA customer support or been to their Mac Discussion forum over on the TS3 site? It’s quite an experience, and not in a good way!


    1. Scrap that about the graphics cards possibly being the problem (although EA HAVEN’T issued a patch for them). One of my friends is also playing fine on a 2011 iMac.

      Did you trash the Library and Preference files after you uninstalled TS3 and before re-installing it?


  6. Nightmare. When you say reinstalled did you use Disk Utility to wipe the drive, repartition, install from your original discs then reinstall Lion? That may be the only answer. If you have done that then I’m stumped, sorry 😦

    I wiped my hard drive a couple of weeks ago and reinstalled everything, including TS3. But I reinstalled TS3 before I updated to Lion…


  7. Been playing for several hours with no problems. I have Windows installed on my iMac and CAW is working fine. I have three Macs all running Lion and no problems anywhere.


  8. what bluebell flora wrote is totally correct!
    i have exactly the same MBP mid 2009 except the 3,06GHz Processor. TS3 only works with the faster graphic card (the 9600M GT) without any problems. In the Energy safe mode (lower graphic card) it immediately hangs up!

    I really think the graphic cards like BlueBellFlora wrote in a comment are the problem!

    mfg The Than


  9. Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2009, Processor 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB, Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7 …
    Usually when I try to play TS3 it freezes instantly after the household has loaded but since EA told me to uninstall and reinstall the game and some other stuff to do with process .. MY MAC BROKE 😦 The hard drive became un-bootable so I had to re-install Snow Leopard and re-download Lion.
    When I tried to play sims again (since I didn’t have any gameplay saved) I went to create a sim and It worked fine … and I started to build a house and then it froze ….

    To be honest I don’t think EA know what they’re doing when it comes to Mac.

    Have also tried Windows on Bootcamp twice (Last year with Snow Leopard with Vista and recently with Lion and Win 7) both attempts failed … although Windows did work on the Mac, every time I booted Mac on it the hardware would fail (Airport Card, Graphics Card …. ) I’m so glad that I have AppleCare since It would have cost me £500 for the repairs If I wasn’t covered :/

    When I spoke to EA again to complain they said that they are working with Apple on the problem they said that EA was working on another Patch for TS3 and Apple are working on an update with better functionality for the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M card and it will be in the update 10.7.2.

    I do hope that this will succeed as I miss my Sims 😦 …. LOL I just noticed how much I wrote …. :/


    1. After you installed Windows did you put in the original OSX install disc that came with your Mac? You must load it after you have booted into Windows as it has all the drivers for Airport card, Graphics etc.

      Unbelievable that EA’s “help” resulted in your hard drive corrupting. Although to be honest I’m not surprised. They have no idea about Macs, none. DId you see the little list I’ve compiled at the top of this blog, on the right? Tragic.

      Thank you for your detailed response. I received you comment on my website too so I’ll add you on the TS3 thread 🙂


  10. Extraordinary that they’re saying that, given that on the DVD case for Town Life which came out AFTER Lion was released that it requires OS X 10.5.7 or higher…. The problem is certain graphics cards under Lion. Not everyone is having the problem.


  11. I have been playing the sims 3 with the expansion packs on my mac for almost 2 years. its a imac 27″ intel i7 @2.93 ghz with 4 gb ram and 1 gb graphics card. i had no problems up till now when i installed the sims showtime. everything runs slow as it loads up, then closes out of the game after 10 minutes of playing. does anyone know why this is happening?


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