What experience do you need to work at EA? And links to the manual Mac update.

Because frankly, I’m thinking that they must recruit from the local primary school or zoo. No offence to kids or animals intended, you’d probably do a much better job.

They released a new patch yesterday. Except for the URL that the Launcher tries to reach doesn’t work:

If you don’t recognise it, that’s the 404 error page with the pink 4×4 in the water.

Cue an avalanche of Mac users demanding an answer from EA. Some get on to Live Chat only to be given the wrong information, again! Finally a Guru shows up. I know you shouldn’t shoot the messenger but honestly, why bother?

Did you see SimGuruJenn’s response:

“Please do not try and download patches from the link you were given. Updates (patches) are not at that link by design and you were given a bit of misinformation. We have not taken down the Mac updates and are not preparing new updates at this time. we are investigating issues that people are experiencing on Mac and PC. I do not have concrete information at this time unfortunately.”


In the meantime, us Simmers have been doing what we do best, fixing EA’s crap ourselves. BIG thanks to w3by for finding and posting the links to the manual patch updates for Mac users. You can find them on his post here.

And in future just disregard EVERYTHING that ANYONE from EA tells you. They might as well be talking out of their arse.

10 thoughts on “What experience do you need to work at EA? And links to the manual Mac update.

  1. Just when I decide to check out the manual links, the forums are down for me! Seriously Liam, get out of my face! I think I’ll watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory or something to cool down and check back later.


  2. That’s kind of you, but it’s no rush. I’m not gonna patch tonight anyway, I haven’t backed up anything yet. Might call on you for help when I’m ready to patch though 😀 I also might wait with the patching until I finish my last article for the next issue of Composition Magazine, just in case something goes wrong and I can’t start my game. So in a couple of days or so. Isn’t it crazy that I think like that? I kind of expect things to go wrong. Crazy.


  3. Hey, I don’t know if you follow the SimGurus on Twitter, but SimGuruJenn(!) has sent a link to someone having problems with updating on Mac on Twitter – that link being to the same post you’ve linked to in your post … not even 24 hours after she posted on the forums about how doing this is not safe. So much for that…


    1. Oh for fuck’s sake. She’s the Producer for Town Life I think, if that ridiculous video that EA released with her in it is anything to go by.

      So she’s basically linking to a forum thread where Simmers are helping each other because EA can’t be arsed to do anything. Clearly she’s forgotten what she posted.

      And the patch that they have released doesn’t even fix the crashing issue in Lion……. 👿


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