I have come up with an EA advert

Cue silken female voice and soft focus camera work:

“This is no ordinary game, this is a game that will drive you to the brink of insanity. It is a game which will cause you to swear and punch your computer when all your computer can do is try and understand sloppy coding and poorly executed files. This is a game which we know you all love and will pay for anyway, regardless of how many times we screw it up even more with patches that don’t seem to do anything.

This is a game by Electronic Arts. This is a game called The Sims 3″


8 thoughts on “I have come up with an EA advert

  1. And what’s more, you have to pay real money for the pleasure. But don’t worry because there are silly people out there that will fix it for FREE! And then we will claim that they are the ones that broke your game.


  2. Well, the actual advert says “Play with Life”. Of course, they didn’t say that it should be read as “(We) Play with (your) Life”


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