London Riots


This blog is not about real life or my own personal views on politics etc. but right now I’m watching the rolling news feeds on Sky and I am fucking disgusted at the pathetic, cowardly lowlifes who are running riot in London. Who the FUCK do you think you all are? You’re not doing this in retaliation for the guy who was shot by police in Tottenham on Saturday. You don’t give a fuck about him, you’re behaving like this because it’s an excuse to riot and loot on a massive scale. You’re all just fucking lowlife scum setting fire to cars and buildings, not just commercial properties but private residences too, and robbing family businesses. You will have probably made some of those people bankrupt through your selfish, pitiful behaviour.

David Cameron, you should be ASHAMED of yourself. Why is it only now that you have decided to cut your Tuscan holiday short? You should have been in our nation’s capital yesterday dealing with this rapidly escalating situation. You’re our fucking Prime Minister for christ’s sake.

The lack of Police on the streets is pitiful. But I’m not blaming the Police, I’m blaming the massive cuts which the government have made in Police Forces all over the country. The current coalition government and the former Labour government have brought the UK to it’s knees, whilst never making substantial cuts to their own salaries or reigning in the Banks which caused the global recession which we are all suffering in at the moment. My boyfriend is a Police Officer, we have first hand experience of the cuts being made and how it is increasingly making his job a lot harder to do, not to mention more dangerous.

Anyway, I digress, back to the London Riots. There are simply not enough Police to deal with the situation and they do not carry firearms – GET THE FUCKING ARMY AND ARMED RESPONSE POLICE ON THE STREETS NOW. Get those anarchic bastards and bring them to heal. Rip their masks and hoodies off and expose them for the cowards and lowlifes that they are.

I was caught up in the May day riots in London in 2000 and it was not a pleasant place to be. These riots are a lot, lot worse.

9 thoughts on “London Riots

  1. I’ve been reading about these riots a bit lately online from both news sources and people on Facebook. One artist I’m a fan of asked how things were in London and instantly sparked a debate. On the one side was the majority, people who actually possess common sense. On the other were a few people who seemed to love to anger people with their ridiculous support of the rioters, saying they were justified because of things ranging from Iraqi children missing limbs to children in 3rd world countries not getting a decent education. I was completely baffled at how they could seemingly advocate the pointless, mindless damage to innocent civilians, stating that peaceful protests never get anything done so these riots were acceptable. Ripping people off their bikes and riding them off, robbing and torching homes, mugging injured people on the group; it’s just sick and beyond words. Ugh, I can’t believe people. Hope this stuff ends soon for London and the surrounding areas.


  2. Completely agree, Bluebellflora. I also come from a family with police officers and completely understand your position. I also currently live in London, although not in an area on fire. For the government to think of cutting police numbers; what a bunch of jokers. There are already too few to deal with these riots and then next year we have to host the Olympics. Bloody ridiculous.


  3. I live by Tottenham, all the shops have closed down and their windows are boarded. The amount of sirens we heard Saturday night was amazing. Response Units are flying past us on the way home from work. We also had some refugees sleeping on our floor because they couldn’t get home. When they did they found their brick wall had been destroyed and all the bricks at been thrown across the street. I feel for all the families that have lost their homes as well due to the big fire in Tottenham (Picture above). Its disgusting what lowlife’s there are out there.


  4. And the most worrying thing is that the majority of them seem to be kids themselves. They have no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing, they just think they’re being cool. Fucking hope they get locked up although I should imagine they’ll get a slap on the wrist and a small fine…


  5. It is absurd that a police chief needs to appear on the news appealing to “parents” to get their kids off the street during a riot. What kind of parent don’t know where their ten year old is at a time like this? Sadly in most cases the kids are either rioting themselves or standing on the side filming it on their smart phones!


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