Create a Pet Demo and THAT Store item, what a load of crap.

Just got back from a lovely holiday in a nice, hot Mediterranean country so sorry for the comments that weren’t approved while I was away. I’m nice and brown but my back is peeling loads thanks to a very addictive book I was reading and couldn’t put down.

So after a week without TS3 I come back to find that a demo has been released for Create a Pet which has screwed up nearly everyones’ games – deja vu? And EA are now creating shit for the online Store:


What a complete load of crap – 400 Simpoints? Really? Has anyone actually bought it?

In other news, the revamp of Hidden Springs is coming along nicely. I’ll post more piccies soon.

2 thoughts on “Create a Pet Demo and THAT Store item, what a load of crap.

  1. Glad you had a nice hol. I agree that this toilet is totally rubbish. It doesn’t even look stylish. In the second picture in that row of four, it looks as though there is a flare being set off at the top of the cistern. Very dangerous 🙂

    Looks to me a bit like the pet washer that appears in one of the Pets EP promotional videos. There’s a big box that a cat walks into and then a load of brushes and sponges on mechanical arms go in and wash up the cat. Clearly those mechanical arms are so brilliant, they should also be attached to lavatories! My handy sims can already make bathrooms self-cleaning, so why would you want ugly arms sticking out of your loo?!


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