As always, EA’s silence is deafening.

PS – hope you all like my new banner on my signature and over here and on my website, it’s titled ‘EA Exasperation’ 😉


5 thoughts on “As always, EA’s silence is deafening.

  1. They should be ashamed of themselves… Treating people like this. I have problems staying logged in on ts3 and it took a week before EA came to the point. They haven’t even reacted to my last question and that was, yes, a week ago!
    I’m with you on this, Bluebell!


    1. Nichaedemus has responded saying he has forwarded my original bug report to EA. Pity I had to stamp my feet though considering that others have reported the same problems loads and it’s fallen on deaf ears.


  2. I suppose such a lack of a response is to be expected. EA has demonstrated time and again their lack of customer service skillz.

    On a different point, I quite like your new banner. The landscape background is imply breathtaking.


  3. The silence of the gurus on the EA forum truly is deafening. That forum gives the impression of being almost entirely unmoderated. A few of the gurus seem to exist purely to set up pointless threads along the lines of “who is your favourite sim” or to send emails about T-shirt giveaways.

    However considering the drivel that EA’s customer support usually spews out, especially to Mac-users, silence is sometimes preferable!

    I’m glad you got some kind of response though, Bluebell. Nichaedemus is the only helpful “guru” there. Or just the only guru full stop.



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