It’s official. For all Mac users – Cider is CRAP.

I’m assuming that most of you now know what Cider is. If not, click here.

To cut a long story short (because I’m in a nice, happy, chilled mood at the moment listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) I have installed TS3 and all EPs and SPs to date on my new MacBook Pro. The graphics are gorgeous and the whole game looks amazing. I was playing for a while last night and everything worked great, apart from not being able to take screenshots and the photography bug 👿 I decided to check the fps……. 16. Yep, in Build/Buy mode I get 26 fps, in Live mode I get 16. My new Mac has a 2.2Ghz Quad Core i7 processor which supports Hyper-Threading (essentially turning the 4 cores into 8 ) and Turbo Boost (effectively over clocking the processor to 3.4Ghz). Why, why, WHY am I only getting 16 fps? I’ve switched off automatic graphics switching so I’m only using the dedicated card which has 1Gb VRAM. The graphics are amazing, rendering quick, but fps crap. It’s Cider. It has to be, I can see no other reason why.

So EA, stop using shit emulation software to save a few quid and start using Aspyr again to port the games PROPERLY. I know us Mac users were a bit behind Windows users when it came to EPs and SPs but we’d rather have properly functioning games than some buggy piece of crap wrapped in cling film.

When Steve Jobs died John Riccitello, EA’s CEO said the following:

“Steve was one of a kind. For many of us working in technology and entertainment, Steve was a new kind of hero that lead with big, bold moves and would not settle for less than perfection. He is the best role model for a leader that aspires to be great.”

Very true. Pity that John Riccitello doesn’t have the same high standards isn’t it? Or that he respected Steve Jobs’ creations enough to fully support them technically.

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