Round 2 of EA’s incompetency when it comes to Macs.

Here we go again. Earlier in the week Apple released an update to Lion, 10.7.2, which introduced iCloud and compatibility for iOS 5, the new operating system for iPads, iPods and iPhones. It also included the usual fixes that are released in updates, one of which was a driver update for the Intel 3000 HD graphics card. Subsequently Mac users who have updated to 10.7.2 and have the Intel card now have crappy looking Sims in their game:

There will now be an eternal wait for EA to release a patch to fix this. But as EA have never officially supported the Intel 3000 HD card I shouldn’t imagine they’ll be issuing a fix anytime soon. Apple have been using this graphics card in all new MacBook Pros and Airs since February this year, 9 months ago, which begs the question as to why EA have never released a patch to support it? Because they don’t give a damn about us annoying Mac users. Did you know that there hasn’t been a single response from a SimGuruTwatFace on any thread in the Mac Discussion forum for well over a month now, possibly even two? They really have completely given up. BUT they seem to be actively reading the workarounds and solutions that we are coming up with so they can peddle them out to anyone who phones Tech. Support:

“I chatted with an EA help person via instant message and they said to delete my Sims Preferences folder I think it was. I did this but it didn’t work. I looked for transgaming files at the same time because the EA person said to delete them as well but I couldn’t find them.” 

EA have NEVER told people to delete the Transgaming files before. I can only assume that they’re giving out this information because we’ve been posting it and it sometimes works. Yet they still don’t have the decency to reply to any post, instead choosing to lurk on their own forums.

It also appears that Snow Leopard users with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and NVIDIA GeForce 320M who patched the Base Game to 1.25 are having issues with their Launchers not opening. The patch was to fix EA’s incompetency at apparently not having bothered testing The Sims 3 in Lion, something they could have done since February 24th fixed the issue whereby people with these graphics cards who had upgraded to Lion couldn’t play the game at all. Unfortunately the same patch is now, ironically, causing problems for Snow Leopard users who DIDN’T upgrade to Lion (thank you to Snapdragon’s fantastic brain for working this one out!).

To say a big thank you to EA for all their help and support, I’m going to send them a present:

Think I’m joking?

If you’re a Mac user and you’re having problems, please post on this thread:

You won’t get a response from EA but you will from people who at least know how to turn a Mac on.

6 thoughts on “Round 2 of EA’s incompetency when it comes to Macs.

  1. *facedesk* It just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn’t it? I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE! I still haven’t upgraded to Lion or installed the latest Mac patch, and that’s probably why I’m able to play.


  2. Yeah, I’d leave well alone if I was you Wibs! It’s not like there are hundreds of different Mac configurations for them to have to deal with. It’s just pure laziness I reckon. Given that more and more people are now switching over to Macs, they’ll have to start supporting them soon. You’d hope?


  3. I’m sure they’re flat out working on some really outstanding premium store content right now … but hopefully they’ll get to the mac issues someday soon so you’ll see a point in buying it! Customer service is not their strong point, is it?


  4. I don’t have a Mac, but this is just ridiculous. If their game is going to be used by Mac users, then they need to address these issues. They must have a lot to do right now like working on that premium store content miss tickle mentioned. >.<


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