EA’s mission – do I laugh or cry?

Taken from one of the increasingly angry threads on the Mac Discussion Forum:

It will only help you if you LISTEN EA.


11 thoughts on “EA’s mission – do I laugh or cry?

      1. Yes, that must have been around the time when I found an article on Gamasutra on EA Legend. First Origin, then Legend. They make it sound like a game, but essentially it means that we are the ones being played with and sold to whoever pays. As soon as EA has made their announced transformation into a service provider we won’t be the customers anymore, we will be the product (and have paid for this privilege).
        And in case you haven’t noticed yet, The Sims is already prepared for this – the most obvious thing is this IGACache folder in Documents. It’s still empty but it’s clear why they will need a whole folder for their in-game advertising.


        1. And that’s why, in all the worlds I build, I never place those big advertising boards. I can see no other way for them to force advertising on us in game, short of banner ads and popups. If they did that then I’d say goodbye to The Sims for good. They’ll probably try and force more ‘premium’, sponsored crap on us through the online store but I can chose to NOT download that shit.


  1. I have filled out that customer dissatisfaction survey several times now and have given them the most abysmal marks possible. I’m sure they filed it into the nearest bin!


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