The Mac Revolt against EA

The Mac forum over on the official TS3 site is fast becoming a PR disaster for EA. More users are signing up daily to voice their anger at their inability to play a game they have paid good money for. Doesn’t seem to matter what operating system they’re using, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, all configurations are having problems. One of the biggest problems is for those using Leopard, OS X 10.5.7 who have bought Pets. They are having to fork out £26/$29 to upgrade their Macs to Snow Leopard, OS X 10.6, just to give their games a remote chance of loading. The kicker for them is that the minimum system requirements on EA’s site for Pets is Mac OS X 10.5.7, yet it simply will not load and play.

It’s now been over 2 months since a guru/mod graced the forum with their presence. But they’ve now found themselves in a catch 22 position. Do they start posting on the threads and risk acknowledging that the game has simply not been coded properly in Cider, which is my guess as to why it’s not working for the majority of Mac users? Or do they come down heavy, delete a ton of threads and ban multiple users, thereby proving that they are reading the threads?

Mac users are now taking to online complaint forums, gaming magazine sites and writing to EA to express their disgust at the complete lack of customer support, potentially damaging ‘help’ advice they are being given, and general disbelief that EA are marketing a game for Mac users of which a growing number cannot play.

But it’s not just Mac users taking action. A large number of PC users are also backing the Mac community, expressing their disgust at the treatment of Mac users – thank you guys!

I Googled EA Mac tonight and I’d like to take you through what I found because it just typifies EA’s constant money grabbing, don’t give a fuck about our customers, approach. The first hit on Google was this:

Click on the link and you’re taken to EA’s Mac page:

Click on The Sims 3 Pets and you’re taken to the Pets page with the option to buy the EP:

Now, hover over Buy Now and there’s a Mac option at the bottom:

Click on the Mac link and where does it take you? To the Origin Store of course. You can then add the Digital Download to your basket, pay for it and download it. Granted it says PC Compatible only but why even allow Mac users to get that far? EA’s site is filled with cookies, surely a fail safe could have been put in place to stop someone paying for and downloading a game which won’t load on their computer? Plenty of other websites do this for FREE software. Technically a Mac is a PC – Personal Computer. I know I’m splitting hairs here but EA have to take responsibility. If someone follows a Buy Now link and specifies a Mac version, why the fuck would they be directed to an online Store which doesn’t even cater for that platform?


You know, a Mac is a Mac. There are not multiple companies making a computer for an operating system which has various different permutations. Apple put together the whole system, hardware and software. Why can Transgaming not patch their shitty coding to incorporate the  changes that Apple make to hardware and software? That’s what they are paid to do, that’s what they’re in the business of doing!

But ultimately the blame is laid firmly at EA’s door. After all, they’re the ones our money goes to. They’re the ones who publish and market the game. And the publisher is always held accountable whether it’s in print or digital format.

25 thoughts on “The Mac Revolt against EA

  1. Greedy clueless bastards! God damn it, EA – why don’t you own up to your (long list) of mistakes and start fixing them?! This farce has gone on for too long. And us Mac users aren’t going to fade quietly into the night, so you might as well acknowledge the situation before you dig yourself deeper into that hole you seem to love so much.

    Oh, and also this isn’t the only time they’ll take money for something you can’t have. You can only buy simpoints as a gift to someone in the same country as you. But that doesn’t stop them from letting you buy points for someone in another country though. I won a contest a few months ago where the prize was 1000 points. The contest holder (in the US) bought the points as a gift to me (in Norway), I even got a message with the happy news. All was well until I tried to redeem the points, no go as I didn’t live in the same country as the gifter *roll eyes*. She got a refund, but still… It can’t be that hard to implement a feature that stops you from buying something that’s useless to you (or someone else).


  2. That’s ridiculous Wibs! I just can’t believe that they have nothing in place that checks the user’s system. God knows I’ve gone to download software before and a window pops up telling me that it’s not compatible with the Mac OS. Why is it so fucking hard for them to do the same?

    And EA can give points to people in a different country so what’s the point in stopping others from doing the same? I sure as fuck know that the monkey at the other end of Live Chat when they once game me points wasn’t in the UK.



  3. Haha, I LOVE how it directs you to Origin for all “Mac” downloads! Great idea, EA!

    EA Worker: But what should we do for Mac users trying to digitally download our games?
    EA Executive: Just direct them to the Origin store like our PC users.
    EA Worker: But the Origin client isn’t compatible with the Mac operating system…
    EA Executive: Exactly. Let them figure that out for themselves and try to find a solution.

    Can’t believe there are STILL problems for Mac users with every EA game released. Glad I stopped buying their “products” even after they fixed the TS3 problems.

    My support goes out to all those frustrated and suffering from EA’s lack of customer aid.


    1. Naaah, you shouldn’t let EA’s disdain for us Mac users put you off getting a Mac. They’re fab and capable of so much more than a Windows machine 🙂 My game works absolutely fine with beautiful graphics but I have the highest spec’d 15″ MacBook Pro. Wibs plays on a Mac ok too and I think hers is about a year old? Take a look at the screenshots on her blog – they’re stunning! Oh, and you can install Windows on them too so you have both operating systems on one computer.


  4. Mine is a mid 2009 Aluminum MacBook 13″, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 Graphics card and I have no problems with my game (knock on wood) – other than the usual bugs that affects most people (but I have Twallan’s mods for that). That being said, I think one of the main reasons my game still runs smoothly is because I haven’t upgraded to Lion. I still have Snow Leopard 10.6.8, because apparently my graphics card, Lion and Sims 3 is not a good match. I’m fine with leaving things as they are for now, as I’m planning to buy a new MacBook Pro after Christmas. Even with all of EA’s fails when it comes to Macs, I would never go back to Windows. Once you go Mac, you never go back 😀


  5. Little fuckers! They’ve moved the thread I made listing all the relevant contact people at EA to General Discussion. So they ARE active on the Mac forum, cheating bastards. I reckon it was a cynical move to get all the fans to leave more positive feedback on the customer rating site I linked to.


  6. I almost choked on my tea when I saw your thread in GD all of a sudden! Yeah, at least we know they read the Mac forums. Still, I’m hoping it’s not heading for deletion. They like to move threads around before deleting them…


  7. your on the front page of my google when i searched for ea/mac, congratulations on getting the word out. still having trouble, I was not one of the lucky few that EA emailed back requesting a phone conversation. I was one of the ones they ignored. I’m emailing Apple tomorrow.


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