EA ARE active on their Sims 3 Mac Forum

I started this thread 5 days ago on the Mac Forum:


This morning it was moved to General Discussion:

See that little arrow before the title? That means a mod or guru has moved it.

So they are active on the Mac forums but choosing not to post or offer advice and help.

Shame on you EA.

I reckon there are 3 possible reasons it’s been moved:

  1. A mod has moved it to bring it to the attention of the gurus so it is deleted.
  2. In the hope that the Sims fanboys will report my posts, thus earning me a ban.
  3. In the hope that the fanboys will post positive reviews on the Customer Service Scoreboard website hoping to balance out the 155 negative comments versus 13 positive ones.

Either way the bait was taken, proof that they are reading the Mac forum but choosing not to bother helping Mac users.

EDIT – I’m beginning to think that maybe it was moved by a sympathetic mod? If it wasn’t and it was moved for one of the reasons above then it is backfiring spectacularly on EA. Take a look at Darkling’s EXCELLENT response:

6 thoughts on “EA ARE active on their Sims 3 Mac Forum

  1. It’s just really low to leave Mac users out or not to react. Seriously, I wonder how many Mac people there are and if or when a Sims4 is launched how many Mac users are going to buy a copy. My guess is very few to none. EA should be ashamed of themselves. I posted a couple of questions about my game and I still have no reaction other than their apologies my game’s not working and they’ll be in contact soon. Yeah right…


  2. I forgot to say, if you don’t buy TS4 (assuming they actually make such a thing), I for one will miss your builds! My sim is currently living very happily in a washed out shack, although he covets the beach huts next door.


  3. The thread is still there, I thought for sure it would have been deleted by now. Nice to see that there are so many supportive Windows users out there 😀 Darkling’s got a good head on her shoulders, you can always count on her to put things in perspective. The Sims 4? I don’t even want to think about that disaster waiting to happen.


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