Tommy Vercetti & Niko Bellic

It has to be, doesn’t it?

I mean, the similarities are striking and the timeline fits, if GTA V is set in present day (the cars certainly make it look like it is). Vice City was set in the mid ’80’s so Tommy Vercetti would be in his late 50’s. GTA IV was set in 2008 so Niko Bellic is a few years older.

Yeah I know, I’m just speculating like everyone else but I’m still so goddam excited! Here are a few funnies I noticed:

eCola – Deliciously Infectious!


Mile High Club Complex:

10 thoughts on “Tommy Vercetti & Niko Bellic

  1. Hey Bluebell,

    I’m looking forwards to som GTA updates from you. I was a huge fan of the game back in the day but I wont get it just yet as I still have Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood to finish and then there is a new one coming.. or wait oh damn, maybe I will get it lol


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