I bloody warned you EA but you wouldn’t listen.

My thread is still up over on General Discussion (yes, I’m as surprised as you are) and both Mac and Windows users are posting on it. Thank you to The Mare’s Nest for their fab post last night bringing more attention to EA’s pile of steaming crap Customer Support and shoddy products.

The Customer Service website I linked to in my forum post has had quite a jump in comments too. Before I posted the link I think EA were at number 297ish out of 474 companies. They’ve subsequently dropped down to 360. There were 132 negative posts, 13 positive ones and 4 EA employee ones (2 from the same person). There are now 178 negative posts, 13 positive and 4 EA employee ones (again, 2 from the same person). Moving that thread over to General Discussion sure did wonders for your image EA. Genius.

And no wonder EA’s customer support is in such trouble when they have such illiterate fools as “Lil_rae_rae” and “ASDDD” working there. Let me copy and paste their utterly incoherent replies on here for you to laugh at:

I happen to be a Customer service rep for Electronic arts. What people fail to know about us is that our CSR have merged to a knew data system so your accounts are a bit harder to find as we are trying to be more comfortable with the software we are working with, as well as having minimal training until we hit the phones with you. I ask they you be patient and understanding knowing we are going to do our best to help you. Also Complaining here doesn’t help us at all what we would like to see are the comments on the customer service satisfaction survey you receive to your email after the call as this lets our supervisors and managers know what it going on.                                                                                                       – Lil_rae_rae

I am one of the CE support of EA.We are doing hard to solve your problem but we are 100 of scam persons who thinks that EA is fool Example One day a customer was came up with a Screen short of his friend account and said to me to issue a code but at last he accept that I had tried to scam with you.Now I urge you to please provide me solution of that solution.                                                                                                          – ASDD

What hope is there, really?

I received responses from EA and Transgaming to my emails to them, asking for screenshots and tech. specs, yawn. Of course, I haven’t received a reply since sending them everything they asked for.

2 thoughts on “I bloody warned you EA but you wouldn’t listen.

  1. A “knew” data system… LOL. And they admit to having minimal training? Good god, I am absolutely speechless – what hope is there for anybody, with CS like that? Some of the issues require nothing more than a little common sense to fix – obviously they aren’t “trained” in that area.


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