Positive feedback from EA? I really hope so.

I have just received a response from a gaming expert at EA’s Play Label. She was courteous, apologetic and understanding. EA Play is the parent of  The Sims 3 and several other games also fall under this label.

They are aware of this thread on the Mac Discussion Forum and are apparently collating information and actively passing it onto the Development Team who are working on a patch, although sadly there is no timescale at the moment. In my emails with this person I pointed out the lack of support for Mac users, the problems with the game which the majority of users seem to be experiencing, the woeful customer support and their lack of Mac knowledge, the fact that the game has never performed on a Mac like it should on a PC, and the absence of any gurus on the Mac Forum.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens but at last I managed to have an open and frank discussion with someone at EA who seems to be proactive and is doing as much as she can to help. She’s doing her bit, I really hope her superiors can do theirs.

2 thoughts on “Positive feedback from EA? I really hope so.

  1. It would be a nightmare to be an EA employee with competence and/or understanding, spending your day surrounded by fools. But it sounds as though real progress has been made and I have my fingers crossed that she will be able to make some progress towards helping all the Mac (and PC) simmers with problems. Goodness knows there are enough players with issues recording their woes online, the most cursory look around the forums would tell them that.

    Well done BluebellFlora!


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