EA are busy tonight – not busy helping though.

Well, well, well, someone’s busy on the Mac Forum tonight, moving threads to General Discussion and Ideas & Feedback:

I’ve started two threads about threads being moved – and they’ve both been moved 😆



Maybe that’s all the mods and gurus are now capable of – moving threads instead of helping?

6 thoughts on “EA are busy tonight – not busy helping though.

  1. Not that it is much of a comfort, but a Tech forum that I frequently visit, the guys their are having very similar problems with a few other games on their Mac’s and are getting very similar outcomes as to what the Sims3 Mac users are getting… sweet f all.

    Do you think that they are running into dead ends trying to fix the game so that it works as it should? I say that coming from the thought that imagine if they had to come out and say ‘Sims3 not compatible with Mac’

    I don’t know, I’m tired and cranky and whilst my game does work fine I am just getting fed up with a company that fails on so many levels. If I wanted to play the sims on my mac or even on my PC I shouldn’t have to be spending copious amounts of hours downloading mod’s, researching different things to make my game run enough to play.

    I am sick to death of threads like yours being moved, deleted, locked or whatever, threads that are designed to help people… yet people like the member mentioned in your previous post can even manage to get thousands of posts that are all full of crap, hate and hurtful comments.

    I wish I was strong enough to boycott the franchise, but I do enjoy the game, when it works. I shouldn’t have to want to boycott though when I am running a computer that meets the expectations and then some more. Hell, even if I did play on my mac it out does a lot of PC’s that people mention they are using.

    Gah, rant over. Tired, cranky and its only 10 am here. Note to self, do not visit the offical forum when I have had little sleep 😉


  2. Yep, I reckon they’ve just given up on it. There are just too many issues now affecting Mac and PC users. My game is running fine too, apart from a few niggly things which aren’t game breaking issues. But just like you Keshialee, I am sickened by EA’s response, or lack of. I’m cranky too, long day at work, but it’s now 11:20pm here so at least I can go to bed! Hope your day gets better 😉


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