I’m done. Bye bye.

I’ve had enough of EA’s disgusting treatment of their customers.

I’ve had enough of EA’s appalling customer service.

I’ve had enough of EA pretending there aren’t problems with The Sims 3 and when they do acknowledge a problem they take weeks to fix it.

I’ve had enough of EA releasing Beta versions of the game and using us, their paying customers, as the game testers.

I’ve had enough of EA not delivering any support whatsoever for Mac users. And what little support they provide for Windows users is pathetic.

I’ve had enough of having to uninstall and reinstall every time a new Expansion or Stuff Pack is released.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and rec’d my houses and worlds, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside 🙂 I’ve hidden all but the Mac posts and a few other ones on here, the rest are just not relevant anymore.

And to those fantastic Simmers who I’ve become friends with (you all know who you are) – thank you 😀


27 thoughts on “I’m done. Bye bye.

  1. 😦

    I understand your frustration. Even though I don’t own a Mac there are other things I can relate to as far as being frustrated with EA. I’m going to miss your builds…they are wonderful! As well as your posts.

    Hope we will still see you around…sometime. ((hugs))


  2. 😥 Thank you all so much. The final straw has been EA moving and deleting so many threads, yet still not posting on the Mac forum. They just don’t give a fuck, clearly. I’ll still lurk on others’ blogs, it’s not you lovely Simmers that are the problem. If I could I’d hug each and every one of you 😉


  3. Hey Bluebell…I’ve never commented on your blog posts before, but I’m starting to regret it…Anyways, I am a serious stalker to your beautiful blog, and to see you and your talent go? Heartbreaking 😥 BUt I know all this bullshit is tough (I’ve had quite enough of it myself) and I respect your decision…But just let me tell you Bluebell : You are an inspiration to other simmers to build and create and challenge themselves and EA. I suppose I just want to thank you for being you.

    Love, always,

    ~avie ^_^


  4. Sorry it has come to this Bluebell … but I can’t say I blame you. You’ve inspired so many others with your builds and your contribution on the official forums … you will be missed!


  5. I’m sorry to see you go. You were one of the few outspoken lobbyists that us Mac users had. You were always the first to say when something wasn’t right. Thank you for giving the minority a voice.

    Goodbye and Good luck, Bluebell!


  6. Oh, Bluebell – I’m sorry to hear that. But I understand it of course. I will surely miss you, both as a fellow Mac user and a fellow Simmer – you have been invaluable to the community. I hope one day when you’ve had some time away, you’ll reconsider and come back to us. I wish all the best and good luck with your future endeavors 😀 *hugs*


  7. Aw Bluebell don’t leave!!! Don’t leave entirely. Take a break, but don’t leave completely. I honestly don’t think EA will ever change, but please stick around for us. I’m going miss you if you leave. 😦

    *hugs* I wish I could help you in some way. :/


  8. 😦
    I will miss you bluebell! You are certainly the trooper on this discussion and you’ve really made an impact!
    Yet again, EA has driven away MORE people and is killing the community day by day with their shitty…EVERYTHING!
    As you mentioned, I don’t own a Mac. But from what amazing things I’ve heard that might change one day! I’ll just keep my simming on another computer and use the mac for just about everything else, haha. (or at least till EA get’s off their lazy asses and FIXES this issue)
    *gives a friendly hug and grabs onto left leg with all might*


  9. Bluebell, you’ve been a voice of inspiration to me. You’ve lit a fire and I don’t know what to do with it, haha. I’m sad to see you go, even though we never talked. (Although I did comment a couple of times. 😉 ) You’ve always been so helpful to everyone. Thank you and all the best.



  10. Oh no! I really hope you’ll change your mind, but I’ll understand if you don’t. EA are worthy of all your anger and frustration and disappointment. All that remains is to say a big thank you, as a Mac user and a long standing fan of the Sims, for all your efforts to galvanise the Mac simmers into action to try to solve the problems that seemed beyond EA’s comprehension. And thank you for all the brilliant builds and the lovely little worlds that I’m looking forward to playing. I have my fingers crossed that you take a break, watch your boyfriend play some Assassin’s Creed, then come back. I’ll be looking out for you! Take care, caspin x


  11. All your comments are so lovely, thank you so, so much 🙂

    I’m just not interested in the game anymore because of EA’s contempt for their customers and apparent hatred for Mac users. I posted on the Mac forum saying I was leaving and guess what, the thread was moved to the Pets Forum. Why???? It just reinforced in me that I made the right decision.

    The kicker? My game worked absolutely fine. But I refuse to spend anymore time, energy and money on a company that doesn’t care about its customers.

    You never know, I may fire up my game again but the passion for it has definitely gone. Quite sad really 😦


  12. I am so sorry Blue – I haved loved your builds and your worlds. EA won’t change – maybe Apple will sue em but somehow I doubt it.

    Don’t let the bastards get you down, you were leading from the front, take a breather, but come back.

    Hugs, Smoky


  13. You need to take a break. I did that recently and went for over a month without loading the Sims. I came back when Pets was released and I am building worlds again. You have been fighting EA and I admire your efforts but no one is going to change EA. If everyone stopped buying their products they might notice but that isn’t going to happen. The company is run by a bunch of money grubbing stupid bastards. The world if full of fun things to do so go have some fun. I hope you come back because I love you worlds and your attitude. Good luck with whatever you do.


  14. Maybe after you take a breather you can come over and hang out at Simpletons. The different atmosphere can do wonders for you overall attitude, and it is a great place to be silly, creative and just have fun. After all, it is a game that has brought us all together, and it is suppose to be fun. It is also wonderful to be able to express yourself without having to deal with your thread being deleted or moved…and best of all you don’t have to deal with the trolls and general idiots that are lurking in every corner. Not to say that we aren’t idiots..but we are the loveable kind 🙂 I understand your frustrations and if I hadn’t found a sanctuary, I would have left all together myself. Hope to see you around….


  15. I’m so sorry to hear you’re leaving! I just found you! Your work is beautiful and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’ve made many simmers happy. I agree with you about EA. I’ve been back and forth with them myself. it’s deplorable how they take advantage of Sims fans. It seems they got really greedy and arrogant after they released Sims3. It’s sad, because the Sims are wonderful, but with the release of Sims 3, the game is so buggy, updates usually require a re-install, and they don’t give a damn if you’re satisfied with their product or not. All because they want to make sure nobody gets a freebie, or has content from the store they didn’t pay for. Meanwhile, devout fans are paying upwards of $200 for the game and EPs. Good luck with your endeavors, I hope I see you around!


  16. Thanks for your posts on this. They are a great resource. I’m seriously considering complaining to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission about EA – they have the power to nullify unfair licensing conditions – and your posts would very helpful for this. I also contested the charge on my credit card via my bank, arguing that EA failed to deliver their product in any usable form, and I made some headway with that.

    I’ve been a Sims fan for the last 10 years, but I’m done with the Sims and EA now. There are enough game producers out there that I don’t need to deal with one with treats Mac customers with such contempt.


    1. I’m so sorry to see you go Bluebell! I know how exhausted you are from dealing with EA. Thank you for standing up for so many and doing what EA should of done for so long! I’m going to miss you!


      1. Thanks guys 🙂 Whilst I do feel a bit bad about leaving the Mac community, I was just getting more and more irate over the game and EA, it was becoming too consuming. Besides, the help threads are still up over there and my website is still active so the help is still available.


  17. aw 😦 just saying, I had the exact same problems with my sims game. Not working, and the launcher broke, and OH MY GOD, costumer service is ridiculous. Never picked up, which is stupid. Thats why I quit the sims3 website and joined http://simswriterblock.forumotion.com/ which is like an other sims 3 website but mostly for stories, which I couldn’t put on the sims3.com cause of the stupid website! So yeah… (lets out anger)


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