Oh for Christ’s sake!

I looked over on that thread that The Mare’s Nest picked up on a couple of days ago:


And I’ve just seen Nichaedemus’ latest idiotic reply:

What he’s basically saying is this:

I feel sorry for Nichaedemus. He clearly hasn’t a clue about Macs but EA have ordered him to post on the Mac Forum to try and placate everyone.

And carollsim, we DO NOT WANT ORIGIN. Do some googling about it. Good luck hoping that EA will do more for Mac users 😉 And don’t be happy about the same disk being PC and Mac. As Nichaedemus seems to have dangerously confirmed, the game is shit on a Mac.

Going back to my Sim free life again now…..

12 thoughts on “Oh for Christ’s sake!

  1. And now that thread is locked…

    I feel bad for Nichaedemus, he’s doing all the work on that site and at least he was brave enough to venture into the Mac section, a place that most fear to tread. It would seem that he’s just a forum moderator, not a guru. Nice of him to confirm what we suspected, though – Mac simmers Do get a raw deal and Cider IS crap!


  2. He was probably ordered to post in the Mac forum by EA because they’re too chicken shit to do it themselves! Poor thing, he obviously hasn’t a clue about Macs and why would he if he is a Windows user?


  3. I don’t know what’s more pathetic… Nic’s effort, which probably came under orders, or that the Mare’s Nest thinks he’s a Guru (Nic’s just a mod).

    And all he really did was confirm EA made a stupid decision in how they handle Macs and have only compounded the blunder ever since.

    Man. That entire thing is just one massive epic fail.


    1. Bit of a stupid and dangerous thing to confirm though wasn’t it, and on EA’s own forum. I equate gurus and mods as the same thing – they are acting on behalf of EA. And let’s be frank, no-one REALLY knows what any of them do! Although I agree that Nichaedemus is the only one who actually tries to help people.


  4. I’m not a Mac player, but this is just crap. If they are going to release their game for Mac users they should really pay some attention to them. EA is just a bunch of blithering idiots. I am really sorry for you Mac users for the shit you have to go through, I wish I could do something about it.


  5. Anyone else see the promo today – post on twitter under hashtag of #TheSimsCares and get entered to win a prize? I loled everywhere!!! If I had twitter I would be twitterbombing the shit out of that… “My game does not work and I’ve heard nothing from EA for over a month #TheSimsCares”


  6. I just saw this:

    But when you go to see what was posted, you can’t see it? Then when you click on the profile it says “sorry this profile is hidden”. Do you think this means one of the gurus is posting in it for other mods to see??


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