Shutting the stable door after the (freezing) horses have already bolted.

Look who’s just popped up on the Mac Forum:

Thank you for your patience? Mac users’ patience ran out a long time ago, or haven’t you worked that out yet? Hopefully no -one will be taken in by this feeble attempt at placating the players who can’t actually play! And why is it taking so long to come out with a patch? Oh yeah, because EA are too busy working on MORE Stuff and Expansion Packs. Don’t forget, you can still vote on EA’s customer service here.

I couldn’t actually see this comment on the thread, it only popped up after I had posted this:

Thank you to AVK for leaving a link to this on one of my earlier blog posts, very insightful 😀

Now, where was I?

3 thoughts on “Shutting the stable door after the (freezing) horses have already bolted.

  1. That’s not much of an apology now is it SimGuruWeb? 🙂 I’m not a MAC player, I’m a Mac player. Wonder what they think MAC would stand for. For many simming folk, Mine’s Always Crashing could work. Sigh. Hope that patch appears soon and that BBF is enjoying her sim-free time.


  2. Oh really! I’ve quit Sims 3 because my patience just exploded! And just NOW they post? Really!

    As a side note, I’m contacting EA right now about my WA problems. The agent told me to use Activity Monitor. What a moron. :/


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