Quick post about my website

Because of the reappearance of a lowlife who I’m not even going to bother naming, I have deleted the forums and subscribed users to my website, http://www.bluebellflora.com. I have done this to make sure that the parasite does not pick more people to target as he seems really quite obsessed with this blog, my website and others’ blogs and websites.

I hope most of you who signed up will see this and understand, sorry I can’t message you all individually.

9 thoughts on “Quick post about my website

  1. Aw man, that sucks. I think that troll needs several kicks in the face. Wait, ALL trolls need some kicks in the face. Because trolls fail.


  2. It’s unfortunate that one bad seed had to spoil a section of your site, but thank you for protecting the members you did have! n_n


  3. Bluebell, is it not possible to just have the forum blocked to guests and you have to approve everyone before they register? I mean, it’s not like sesert has ten million emails, and you’ve seen pretty much everyone’s email if they commented, so…


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