Oh dear god.

Nothing from EA is EVER free.

Surely “we would invite you to help start the conversation” should actually read “plug our shoddy wares for us, drones”.

EA really do seem to be turning their backs on all the faithful Simmers who have bought all the games right from day one, instead concentrating on social networking to garner new cash cows. I’m not really surprised, they seem incapable of making a decent computer game or fixing the ones already out.

A patch still hasn’t been released to fix the graphics issues some PC and Mac users are experiencing since Pets came out, nearly 2 months ago. And before you jump down my throat (and I can’t speak for PCs), all the Mac users still crying out for help EXCEED the game’s minimum requirements by miles.

Showtime? Pah! Looks like complete and utter rubbish. EA, stop adding new “features”, which all tend to revolve around plugging the game in some way online, and get back to adding new gameplay and objects etc.

Then again, I’m probably way out of their target audience now – I need to grow up and move on, clearly.

8 thoughts on “Oh dear god.

  1. *frowns* Looks like EA is really going for the cash instead of their customer’s games working. But I don’t think that will hold out for long, because if a customer’s game won’t work, they won’t be encouraged to buy another product, so there won’t be as much money coming in. And with EA’s horrible tech support, that makes it more true, especially since when I specified a Mac chat and the support person told me to delete my Temp folder, which is not on a Mac. 🙄


  2. Wonder what’s wrong with my money these days? EA don’t seem to want it anymore… Guess I’ll just have to spend it all on chocolates and champagne. Oh well. 🙂


  3. Love it! The woman at EA I’ve been in contact with can’t tell me anything right now. She says they are in the process of researching all of our problems. I asked her why they even need to research at this point, we’ve done all of the work for them! I also asked what the hell they’ve been doing for the last two months. And, of course, why they didn’t bother to properly test before the game was released. No answer on that yet. She says that while she doesn’t have a date for the patch, she is talking with the studio. Yeah, ok…


  4. A patch appears to have been released – 1.29. No mention of any Mac-specific fixes within that patch, as far as I could see. Also a few simmers of the official forum reporting that they are having problems with it. Why do EA patches always break as well as fix? I’ll be holding off updating until more is known. I was appalled to see that they have implemented adverstising as part of the in-game store. They have no shame.


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