Who reported me? Go on, have the balls to admit it.

Just received a Terms of Service Violation for being “Off Topic” with the following post:

 I can probably guess who it may have been. Well bad luck, I didn’t get banned. Are you going to come over here and admit it? Because if it’s who I think it is, you’ve been stuck to this blog like glue over the last couple of weeks.

And nice one EA. Haven’t you got more important things to be dealing with at the moment?

14 thoughts on “Who reported me? Go on, have the balls to admit it.

  1. I’m typing this reply with gritted teeth and eyes flaming with anger. Only a person made of pure crap would do this. I hope the person who reported you gets smacked in the face by karma pretty hard. 👿 I know we aren’t exactly friends, but I don’t want people treating you like you’re inferior. That’s just plain cruel.


      1. Try reporting him here: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

        I’m not going to make a case, but you definitely have enough evidence and I know he harasses you. When he comes onto your blog, does his IP change up everytime? I heard he moved to the states recently so I know he can get in trouble for this.


  2. There are so many pathetic losers on those forums nowadays it’s not even funny. That place has gone to the dogs as of late. I once got a warning for posting an animated gif, one of those self-appointed mods wannabes whose on patrol 24/7 probably reported me. It’s sad how EA seems to have lost sight of what’s important, and instead focus on warning and reporting the good people in the community. Tsk-tsk, EA.

    I’m glad you didn’t get banned though 🙂


  3. Good grief. It’s hard to imagine that someone reported you for that, Bluebell. It’s also appalling that some of those accounts are still active. You would think that closing those accounts would have been the least they could do, but they didn’t even manage that. Ridiculous.

    I hardly look at the official forum now. There are too many idiots posting there and I just get angry. I looked there briefly before starting work this morning and ended up with an explicit porn photo on my screen. It’s a good thing I’m not in an open plan office! It disgusts me that the porn-poster can continue to put up these images and it takes EA forever to remove them, probably because they are spending the little time that they do devote to managing their forum (a) giving out warnings for spurious reasons such as bumping threads or being allegedly off-topic and (b) sacking moderator bob for attempting to moderate. As soon as they realise that they are under attack they should shut down the site and clean it up. Then they should take proper action against the perpetrator.


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