I’m pretty sure this is classed as bribery isn’t it?

Vote for us and we’ll give you something of monetary value for free? Whatever happened to winning on merit?

Have a read here:



Edit – Well, it seems like an awful lot of people have the same opinion if the forums are anything to go by at the moment. And I just found this, posted 10 days ago:

Ouch! I wonder how Ricky_Bo feels now?

11 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure this is classed as bribery isn’t it?

  1. Yes, it is clearly bribery … but surprisingly hard for many on the forums to spot even when it’s pointed out to them. Gotta love the “why would we vote for them if they didn’t give us something for our effort” line of thinking. Why, indeed.


  2. I’ve decided to send an email to the organisers of the Shorty Awards. Simply not voting for EA is too neutral a response, I want to do something that is actually a negative mark against them. It is not OK with me that a company that is so slack at removing porn from their website, has such shoddy customer service and is bribing people for their votes should been nominated for an award.


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