Why are there so many IDIOTS on the forums?

And why do I punish myself by bothering to go over there and read threads?

Apparently his appalling spelling is because he was trying to catch a mouse……??


Join the club that I’ll think you’ll find the majority of Simmers belong to. You’re not ‘special’ because you’ve been playing since TS1. In fact, it proves that you should know better.

“That is the joy of the internet, I don’t have to act my real age because I don’t care” – so you prefer to act like a 5 year old instead?

I think ‘most’ is meant to be ‘mouse’ so really there’s no excuse for your poor spelling now, is there?

And why are YOU still replying? Oh yes, because you’re a troll with NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO.

“I can be the exact opposite of who I am in person and never care about it” – something tells me that you’re probably either not very nice in real life or in need of some kind of psychiatric help. Either way, your statement is most probably bollocks.

Why would you purposefully WANT to hurt and insult people? Oh yes, because you’re a troll.

Aaah, so your parents are responsible for turning you into the thoroughly unpleasant person that you are. You’re not capable, at the supposed age of 26/27, to work out for yourself how you should treat other people?

Whoopee-fucking-doo for you. You must be the ONLY Simmer who has their own house and car and degree. You seem to have such an inferiority complex that you find it necessary to tell everyone about your possessions and accomplishments. Sad fuck.

Meanwhile, Pary made me fall off my chair laughing:

Yawn….. Is it over yet?


Thank fuck for that. I have one question though – are you related to Rud3bwoy?


15 thoughts on “Why are there so many IDIOTS on the forums?

  1. I think I lost a few braincells there reading that. GD seems to bring out the worst in people nowadays, it’s all just trolling and petty bickering. Pathetic.


  2. What the hell? Does thelawtman have nothing better to do? Well, he can go and get drop-kicked through a portal to a land of monsters and be left there for the rest of his life.

    The thing I hate most is that ever since sesert reappeared on the website and began posting spam on other’s pages, the forums seem to have exploded into a flaming mess, and the gurus have done nothing but quietly deleting the posts. Not even a warning to people who spam. AAAAAAAAARGH.


  3. “I own my own house….have my own car…”

    Yet…you’re parents pay for everything? Sounds like your parents own “your house” and “your car”.

    Spoiled little rich boy.

    I like how he tells us what it’s like to be in the “real world” then proves to be a hypocrite by saying he only has had 2 jobs in his life and, “why work. I have everything handed to me by my parents.” Man, if he was my son I’d be telling him, “I’m changing your name…first name “Ungrateful”, middle name…”Little”, last name…”Turd”.

    He doesn’t feel sorry for homeless people, or poor people? How to be humble and have a hint of humility with that ego of yours. *rolls eyes*. Someone *coughhisparentscough* need to give this idiot a swift kick in the ass. And as for his “wife” (if he really has one) must be a gold digging bitch. Because I cannot see any respectable woman wanting to be with this “guy”.

    Yet another idiot (first one being Sereia8) telling us how we should live when they prove to be a pathetic minion in the community (both the EA community and the humanity community).


  4. I can’t look at the official forum for long. It makes me too cross! I still look occasionally to see if anyone has a question I can possibly answer, or to see if any of the few likeable people have said anything interesting. When I first started having problems with my game about a year ago, I turned to the forum and a few people there really helped me out and it was occasionally fun to talk to other simmers. I’d love to be able to return the favour so I keep going back, but most of the time it’s just trolling, flaming, hate, hypocrisy and occasionally porn. Lovely!


  5. Actually LOL! Just read that thread in its entirety and the bit about trying to catch the mouse made me laugh. Sorry to double-post but wanted to say thank you for the chuckle 😀


  6. Actually I searched his username after that “episode” thread he has, and it appears to be the same bloke from St John in nearly all of them. If it is him, his YouTube account shows him to be a squeaky voiced 25 year old, and his profile at 2 or 3 internet dating sites show him to be a short squeaky voiced 25 year old who is single and working in call service. Oh and someone with that screen name also has profiles at pokemon.com and a couple of porn sites. Most of them show the same picture as the You Tube and myspace accounts.
    So much for his beautiful wife and trust fund plus his cereal box degrees 😉


  7. Pokemon and porn? Nice combination of interests that he has. Hee hee hee hee. Brilliant! I hope that is him, makes it even funnier, although I am still laughing about trying to catch the mouse and the effect that this allegedly had on his spelling. I don’t know why, but that really tickled me!


  8. Um, this guy does understand that what happens in Sims (and all those other places) isn’t actually his life? Yeah, I could prove it but it’s funnier watching him live in la-la land.


  9. He’s a chubby chaser and a perv. He likes young girls so watch out young ladies on the official. Just type thelawtman in the wizard Goo. He is one creepy dude!


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