Simming Community 1, EA 0

Doon27, you’re my new hero:

You can find the thread here:

Personally, I couldn’t care less what my Sim Page looks like. I play the game offline so no one will be bothered by what my bunch of pixels is doing, and I rarely actually play the game anyway. Anyone who spams the page, and yes, I count it as spamming, with boring drivel about what their Sims are up to will just be de-friended straight away.

EA, as usual, are using us cash cows as advertising tools – Facebook this, Twitter that – and turning even more people away from the game and the community. Not that they needed to do anything else in that respect. They’ve already managed to alienate the Mac community with pretending that we don’t exist.

One day, hopefully, the game will be such a poor performer for EA that they might sell it. Then someone who actually listens to the community, and fixes problems which have been around for years, will haul it back to what it once was. Maybe.

Oh, and look what popped up online this morning:

Hahahahahahahaha. Nice one Molly 😉

3 thoughts on “Simming Community 1, EA 0

  1. That is so clever and funny – hope SimGuruPopTart sees it. I play offline as well, always have. I don’t like programs running in the background while playing.


  2. I play offline too (when I play and it’s been a while). I suspect that we won’t actually have much choice about the spamming, ours or theirs. It doesn’t look to be as sophisticated as FB where you can at least limit what you post and what you see of your friends posts. And I don’t see any ‘delete’ options.


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