Weird, eery feeling.

Since I’ve vowed to never buy another EA product, because of so many reasons I’ve now lost count, I suddenly have a weird feeling of calm. I can fire up my game and no longer be overwhelmed by feelings of anger and hatred towards the maker of the game. Master Suite Stuff? It looks absolutely crap. Showtime? Forget it. The amount of objects in the packs is getting less and less and I have no interest in new interactions and social features.

I have this habit of starting houses but really getting into building one room and then not bothering to build anymore of the house. BlueBay Retreat is littered with half built houses at the moment which I end up just bulldozing and rebuilding on. Tonight I was working on a new bedroom. This is about as far as this house will probably get but I thought I’d share the pictures 🙂

21 thoughts on “Weird, eery feeling.

  1. I know what you mean. Half the houses I have in Hidden Springs are like 50-90% done. I’m getting newer builds completely finished before those other ones.

    I’m also getting into a funk where I start a house, then the next time I go to work on it…I hate it and demolish it. I just did that with a very large farmhouse I started. It took me over 2 weeks just to decorate the 1st floor with the second floor not even been touched (not to mention the landscaping). I just didn’t have any ambition to work on it anymore so I demolished it today.

    A few hours ago I started a new beach house. Loved the way it was turning out, but I have no ambition to decorate it or landscape it. I almost want to demolish it as well, but then I get this frustrating feeling of wasting however long it took me to do the layout. Maybe that will be my new thing…uploading shells with no landscaping. lol


  2. It is lovely bluebell! loving the purple. even if you aren’t sharing its nice to know you are building hopefully with less pressure/anger induced by EA’s incompetence.
    i have felt a similar way to you. I couldn’t believe how much strain the latest EP’s have put on my laptop i had to move my entire game to the desktop just to build! the next EP is not on my list to buy due to these reasons and more. Why would i want to socialise while playing? its crazy stupid.
    Well i hope you can still enjoy the game but there is less and less i like as time goes on. Its a muddled mess caused by ignorant decisions and broken promises.


      1. thanks. i used to make regular trips here from the link on my blog but alas, my blog is a little neglected. i almost completely abandoned simming due to disinterest last year. i guess i am a recluse now, just sticking to TSS. the TS3 forums don’t feel like home, haven’t in a long while and i don’t think i would fit in anywhere else. i understand builders, other types simmers not so much


  3. Looks great, I could just lie down on that couch with a good book and a glass of wine!

    I don’t see much point in being “completist” about buying all the SPs and EPs either. If there’s not enough content in a SP or I don’t like enough of what I see, I won’t buy it. I don’t buy anything as soon as it’s released either, I wait until I’ve read some reviews, looked at people’s pictures, seen the price drop to something more reasonable. I skipped Generations because I suspected that the imaginary friends and teen pranks would annoy the hell out of me. I was sorry to miss out on the tree-houses but ended up getting those via Town Life. So it was all good 😀


  4. I know what you mean by feeling calm. EA crossed the line with me when they downloaded ads with the last patch. Nobody puts ads on my computer without asking me first. I removed the patch and decided that Pets was my last Sims purchase. It feels good to stop worrying about what they will do next. Sims 3 could have been a great game if they had worked on the game instead of trying to sell you overpriced store stuff.


  5. I’m with you there. EA has become a joke. I sure miss the good old Sims1 and 2 days. I won’t buy anything else from EA either. It does free one’s mind. God bless.


  6. I actually played TS2, I loved running my own business from home 😀 The creative aspect is much better in TS3 though. I do feel very serene over it now I’m not feeding the devil anymore money 😉


  7. Ah yes, there are days when I do miss my TS2 bakery. Good times.

    BlubellFlora, you might not have noticed the ads if you have disabled the in-game shop mode. I switched that thing off as soon as it was introduced on Mac. EA screwed up the ads anyway, naturally; at first they were crashing players’ games. There’s an entry on Crinrict’s blog about it. They can’t do anything right!


      1. I wish it was so. The unresolved issues in the game irks me whether I spend money on EA or not. I think for me, only downright refusal from EA to fix them would kill my hopes and thus bring a certain sense of calmness to me : /
        I do envy you 🙂


  8. That house(well, room, but it still looks good!) looks amazing bluebell!

    And I wish I could just stop buying games like you, I’m just too weak. Anytime I see something shiny and new I just got to have it, xD


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