Good god I’m confused

Can someone please read this thread and explain to me exactly what Debbiedoo is talking about?

Because I really don’t understand where she is coming from. Does she think spamming comments is hacking? And that when the forum doesn’t work it means someone has hacked her account?


What was that Debbiedoo? Clear out your browser cache and/or use a different browser?

12 thoughts on “Good god I’m confused

  1. i couldnt figure it out honestly. what she posted there didnt really say anything to me, but i guess i lack reading comprehension skills -_-


  2. I read that thread this morning, and it took me a while to figure out she was talking about her comments page. I thought she was talking about something that was going on on FB. She seems to be irrationally angry, and not thinking clearly…that’s the moment you need to step away from the computer, take a breath, do something else and come back on with a clear head to see that all the squawking she was doing was absolutely nonsense, and unnecessary. She owes all those people she accused, and was being rude to a sincere apology. None of that, “Oh, I am sorry. There.” crap.


  3. What in the…

    At the beginning of that thread, she just seemed like a mildly hysterical person who was trying to do a nice thing.

    By the end of it…What was she smoking? It seems like she just started pulling the old “J’accuse” on anyone who came into the thread. I guess we just need more of those “reading comprehension skills” that she kept telling people they didn’t have. XD


  4. I’ll have to join you in Dunces’ Corner, as I have no freaking idea what that thread was about. I read it a couple of times last night but gave up trying to grasp what she is saying. Really weird. So many strange threads on that forum at the moment!


  5. She mentions Boggleman so I did a members search and saw a bunch of accounts with similar names, such as DieHardBoggleman and DienowBoggleman, which look like accounts made by sesert. I wonder if Debbidoo received friend requests or abuse from one of these and confused them with the actual simmer Boggleman. Very odd.


  6. Boggleman was trying to explain that sesert had created accounts with similar names to those that were being accused of “hacking”, which sounded plausible to me and was backed up by there being those other accounts. It looked like Debbidoo meant spamming comments which is easily fixed by blocking that “friend” or doing a bit of investigation before you accept their FR. All of which was explained by other posters but Debbidoo was/is too caught up in her drama-mongering to take any notice.


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