Rud3bwoy buys(?) a Mac but seems a little confused.

Courtesy of The Mare’s Nest again 😉 :

I’m sorry WHAT? You’re too lazy to install RAM which takes approximately 5 minutes at the most to install, yet you’re willing to spend more time installing an SSD?

Let me explain to you, dear readers, how to install RAM and a replacement hard drive in a MacBook Pro:


  • Unscrew the 10 screws on the bottom casing and lift off the casing
  • pop out the 2x 2Gb chips
  • insert 2x 4Gb chips
  • replace casing and screws

Hard Drive (either conventional or SSD, makes no difference)

  • unscrew the 10 screws on the bottom casing and lift off the casing
  • unscrew the 2 screws holding the bracket in place and lift off bracket
  • lift up the hard drive and disconnect it from the connector
  • unscrew the 4 housing screws and lift off the tab on the hard drive
  • attach the screws and the tab to the new drive
  • connect the drive and re-seat it
  • screw in the bracket
  • replace the casing and screws
  • reinstall OS X Lion from the Recovery Partition which you would have copied to a USB stick from the original drive

Now, which do you think is quicker?

Not to mention that he paid $400 for 8Gb RAM. I paid a fraction of that for 8Gb of 1333Mhz DDR3, the RAM used in the current line up of MacBook Pros.

Rud3bwoy, you’re still a fool.

8 thoughts on “Rud3bwoy buys(?) a Mac but seems a little confused.

  1. *slams head on desk repeatedly* I’m surprised my head didn’t just turn into a ton of crumbling…well, head, after that – for the love of god, can anyone be more stupid than rud3?!


  2. What the hell?! What kind of fool pays that much for Ram? I also use DDR3 although I’m on a pc but I’m sure each 4gb module is like £20? I smell horseshit
    lol @ Vivid 😀


  3. LOL that guy is RETARDED! I bought the base MacBook Pro Mid-2011 and upgraded the hell out of it. I got 8GB of Micron (One of the best Memory manufacturers out there!) DDR3 ram for $45! I also picked up a Samsung 128GB SATA II SSD for $182 shipped from NewEgg! Installed it myself and paid only an additional $227! My MacBook Pro SCREAMS speed and TS3 loads in about 20-30 seconds to the lot!


    1. Yep, he’s a complete tool. I really want 8Gb chips to come down in price, I’m gagging to put 16Gb RAM in my MBP 😉 And I’m toying with putting in an SSD but they’re still so expensive – I’d need a 512 😦


  4. 16GB sets are not as expensive as they used to be. Corsair branded ones that are Apple compatible are selling for $130-160. Which isn’t as bad considering when the 16GB sets first started hitting the market, they were selling for $1,500+. SSD’s are coming down in price. And they are only getting faster! I suggest staying away from the Sandforce controller based SSD’s because they are not as reliable. Stick with Intel or Samsung. Samsung recently released their SATA III based SSD’s and they are rock solid. 128GB is fine for me because I usually carry a 1TB portable HDD in my laptop bag. Do I want a larger SSD? Absolutely. But not at the current cost of them, and because I already own one. The speed, durability and battery life gains far outweigh the cost of an SSD!


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