Sesert finally found.

For the full story head over to AE a.k.a Vivid Obscurity’s Grumpy Toast:

We’ve been working on this for the last month but it really started gathering momentum in the last couple of weeks. AE has been amazing and not given up. The Simming community as a whole owes her a HUGE thank you.

Also, a MASSIVE thank you to all the members of the Simmers Aware Group that AE started on Facebook. Without the constant support from you guys, I don’t know where we’d be now.

You can all stop with the hysterical, scaremongering threads over on the official forums now. It’s over. And if he comes back, his family will just receive another email and call asking them to stop him.


7 thoughts on “Sesert finally found.

  1. …if you aren’t kidding me…pardon me while I try not to let my jaw crash down to the first story of my house. Thank god Sesert’s gone, finally! Now nobody can get harassed by him again. At least, not for now.


  2. Hello! I’ve lurking on your blog for the longest time and finally just got the courage to comment. 🙂
    I’m glad that little boy got caught. I hope he’s getting hell for all the harrassment he’s done. I never knew how bad it had gotten. I thought it was just happening over at the official forums. Bravo to everyone that was involved.


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