Mac OS X Mountain Lion – will EA keep up?

Apple announced a new OS today, Mac OS X Mountain Lion. I won’t go into the details as this is mainly a Simming blog, if anyone’s interested you can read about it here on Apple’s website. It will probably be released late summer this year but as of now the Developer Preview is available for those signed up to it. That last bit is really important because responsible developers will want to test their current software on the new OS to make sure it works come release day. Responsible developers, get it?

As us Mac users know, EA have apparently failed to sign up to Apple’s Developers Program, therefore failing to be a responsible developer. Lion was released last July and caused havoc for Sims 3 players on Macs, for most making it completely unplayable until EA released a patch. But this could have been avoided if EA had downloaded the Developer Preview, and subsequent versions, which had been available since the previous February, a whole 5 months before public release. It only costs $99 for god’s sake!

This all brings me onto a new feature built into the forthcoming OS called Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper is a new security feature which will only allow applications to run if they are downloaded from either the Mac App Store or from the Mac App Store and identified developers (you can of course set it to allow you to run any application downloaded). An identified developer is a developer who has their own unique Developer ID from Apple with a digital signature so you know that the download and install will be safe. Do you think EA will sign up to this so Mac users running OS X 10.8 won’t get a warning every time they download and install a newly purchased EA game? I’m not holding my breath. They take our money, state it’s Mac compatible even when their own people admit to not having had any experience with a Mac, and then promptly ignore their ‘beloved Mac folk’. You have all been warned……. By the way, is this new feature similar to the Windows Trusted Certificate? Can a Windows user tell me? I’m genuinely interested 🙂

Amongst all the other features in the new OS there’s one more that really stands out and for me will be the sole reason for updating, Airplay Mirroring. Airplay Mirroring allows you to stream your entire desktop wirelessly to your TV via Apple TV. So I could play the Sims on my TV effectively. We’re big into wireless stuff in our house. We already have a couple of Apple TVs and are completely addicted to them. One in our sitting room and one in our bedroom. I can watch or listen to anything in my iTunes library on either TV or both at the same time. We also have an Airport Express hooked up to our stereo so we can play music wirelessly from our Macs, PCs (yes, we have a Windows PC in the house) and iPhones. It makes cleaning the house more entertaining when I can blast out AC/DC or the Foo Fighters in three separate rooms!

To most of you this probably isn’t very interesting but, to the Mac users out there, it’s very, very cool 😉


17 thoughts on “Mac OS X Mountain Lion – will EA keep up?

  1. I was playing The Sims 3 on my Mid-2011 MacBook Pro while running the Lion 10.7.3 OS. Everything was working fine. I decided to Update to the Mountain Lion 10.8 DP1 version and now when I run the game…..It crashes! It starts up okay, I can select my family but when it starts to load my family lot, it crashes to my desktop! I regret upgrading to ML now because my Sims 3 install is a paperweight!


      1. Hi Guys, So just to be clear…. I can now play sims3 on the first Lion update but not any after that? Or Play on Lion at all? I have the mac 13 in.. still running Snow leopard. ( I down graded because of the problem with crashing)


  2. Yeah, I don’t know. I wanted to play my game and I am not sure I can wait for GM. I find myself having to look up the way to downgrade back to Lion 10.7.3 without losing my data….


  3. That is the thing….I bought my MacBook Pro back when they still had Snow Leopard in them. I purchased the Lion Upgrade. I had Time Machine backups but had to delete them because my HDD I was using for backups failed. I was not really anticipating having to go back to Lion, nor programs breaking in Mountain Lion. If I have to re-install Lion, I may have to install Snow Leopard first, then upgrade to Lion. I wonder if I can backup my current Mountain Lion install via Time Machine and reload the data after I install Lion again?


    1. You could either erase and reinstall SL then Lion, as you’ve said, or you should be able to boot into the recovery partition, wipe the OS from the main partition and reinstall Lion? Why don’t you install ML on a bootable drive? You can then run Lion as usual but have ML on a separate drive to play around with 😉


  4. Since my MacBook Pro had Snow Leopard on it, it does not have the Lion Recovery partition on it. I may end up installing Mountain Lion on a USB drive, But for now I need to get Lion back on my MacBook. I may have to re-install Snow Leopard then upgrade to Lion. It sucks because the internet connection in where I am staying now is freaking horrible! :/


    1. You should have the recovery partition, it creates one. Does it not show up when you hold down Alt on boot up? My current MBP came with Lion but my 2009 MBP, which I updated to Lion, created one. It was either as part of the install process or it was a software update, I can’t remember. That’s crap about the internet you currently have 😦


    2. Just had a thought, Go to system preferences and untick ‘automatic graphics switching’ so you’re using the dedicated AMD card. The problem you’re experiencing sounds the same as when Lion came out. That was a graphics issue. Your game will start up using the Intel 3000 so you need to switch it 🙂 I blogged about it last year –


  5. That’s great….After I installed the ML DP1, it changed my recovery to the 10.8 version. So it would end up re-installing ML. I now HAVE to re-install SL, then Lion. I have the 13′ Mid-2011 MacBook Pro, so I do not have the dedicated AMD Radeon graphics. I only have the Intel HD 3000.


  6. Okay….now this is really weird. I moved my saves folder for TS3 away from the documents folder and ran the game. It WORKED! I can go into the game. But when I put my saves files back in the documents folder, it crashes again! :/


  7. I think my saves are corrupted! Updating to ML messed up my saves! This sucks! I tried to just add my save file to a fresh default folder in the documents and it still crashes! I am so screwed. I would HATE to rebuild everything again.


  8. Okay….Now when I try to start a new Family, the game crashes to the desktop when I start to play that new family. I just remembered that I forgot my SL discs back in NY. :/


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