What is this s**t?

I’ve been offline for over a week, personal stuff. And I come back to my new page over at TS3, what the hell happened? I’m not interested in what other people are writing on other peoples’ pages, why would I be? If I wanted to know I’d go to their pages and a have a look.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of all this crap? I don’t want to see constant drivel from people I don’t really know on my own page. Am I going to have to de-friend everyone? Is that the only option? I can’t even find the edit button anywhere.

Answers on a postcard please, addressed to “EA have screwed everything up, again”.

7 thoughts on “What is this s**t?

  1. You can’t get rid of anything, only hide it … or you will be able to when they work out how to do it. In the meantime anyone can post to your page if it’s public! Don’t worry. It’s optional! *facepalm*


  2. Out of sheer principal, I refuse to delete my friends. I refuse to let EA push me that far…
    We have a meagre amount of privacy settings but basically, as long as I’m your friend – you shall see my posts to randoms about who smells funky or whatever. It’s utter crapness at it’s finest.
    I just had a rather long rant on this thread http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/165/506308.page
    I doubt it will do much, the worst thing is – I dont even feel vetter for venting!


  3. I know, it’s horrible isn’t it. I only had about 10 people “friended” but my page is already full of stuff even though I haven’t joined in with their commenting. Goodness knows what would happen if you had hundreds friended. I feel as though I’m eavesdropping on multiple conversations.

    You can go to My Page then My Account then Privacy Settings to reduce the amount of stuff that people can see and that you have to endure on your page.


  4. I hate the new layout. It looks awful. Bluebell, do you want to help me go and squash the layout? If I wanted to know what my friends were doing I would go look myself too. Ugh.


  5. You can go into the my page and click on account and you can set your page to just friends if you want to do that. I agree it sucks. Jodi


  6. I’ve deleted all my friends so now my page only has my posts on it. It’s also private until I can confirm just how secure the posting function is and what spam the game will be sending to my page. I may then make it public so people will be able to track me down elsewhere without being able to add anything. I have no interest in using that site to keep in touch with my friends or read about every time their sims go to the toilet (I don’t even want to read that about mine).


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