Simport was allowing Custom Content?

That’s just too funny. Yet another monumental cock up from the master of epic failures, EA.

I haven’t updated my game to 1.31 yet and have no intention of doing so.

Happy Simming, and I hope CC hasn’t ruined anyone’s game!

9 thoughts on “Simport was allowing Custom Content?

  1. *jaw hits floor* Holy shit. Does this mean that all my CC could transfer to a friend’s game if I didn’t update and got Showtime, which happens to be very tempting right now? (Bah, I’m not wanting to put my hands on that game, but EA makes everything too addicting.) And I happen to have some mods that I don’t want to have flying into other games. So I guess I should update.

    EA, making crappy games and crappy patches since 2009 🙄


  2. Here’s another epic fail from EA: apparently this patch is also borked. If a user has Norton Antivirus and installs the patch, the launcher is thought to be malware; there are sliders that shouldn’t be there; there’s a messed up skintone and there are several buggy interactions. I’m building a brick wall now in case anyone wants to slam their head on it.


  3. EA blame CC for almost everything that goes wrong with their buggy game but then let it stroll right into peope’s games via Simport, then they stuff up in their efforts to release a hasty patch. Naturally; this is EA, after all. I didn’t patch, since I don’t have Showtime there was no need. I hope nobody received any dodgy CC through Simport.


  4. Channel hopping on the TV last night I caught a bit of Watchdog. They were berating EA after a lot of players complained about the bugs in Fifa 12 on PS. Fifa 10 had horrendous bugs too, I know this as my brother played it with his friends and it would always lose their data and freeze. He didn’t buy 11 or 12 because his experience of 10 was so poor and the reviews of EA’s games are always all about the bugs. It does put people off purchasing their games. Seems EA can’t make any game on any platform work right and it was good to see this being publicised. Their solution? They are sorry and will be releasing a patch. Can’t think of anything more frightening to gamers than an EA patch!


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