I’m just not that into you

Sorry, but I don’t have the slightest interest in what anyone’s Sim is doing either in their own game or whilst they stalk visit their friends’ games.

SimGuruWeb’s idiotic face is still on my page over at TS3, reminding me how horrendous that whole site is now. And all I see is page after page of rubbish telling me how so-and-so has put on a show for someone. Who the f**k cares? I purposefully haven’t updated my game because I have no intention of buying Showtime. If my game screws up and needs reinstalling then that will finally be the end of my Simming time. I refuse to be forced into installing a patch to turn my game into a marketing tool for the worst game publisher on the planet.

I do have Master Suite now though. My boyfriend traded in some games so it didn’t cost anything 😆

13 thoughts on “I’m just not that into you

  1. I don’t even go to my userpage anymore…it’s such a mess. On the occasion that I DO go to my userpage, I see pretty much the same thing I did before….a mess.

    I haven’t updated my game either. Nor do I plan on getting Showtime.


  2. I actually caved and bought Showtime, but only because I wanted some new stuff for my game. I still play offline and I have no intentions of ever trying Simport or chat with someone while playing. Not interested in that at all. I was also able to install Showtime without any issues or having to do the whole re-install routine, a rare thing for us Mac users at least. Don’t have latest patch 1.33 though, haven’t bothered with that since it just fixes some Simport issues I believe. As for the My Pages, what an utter failure. I have given up on it, at least until they decide to give us some filtering options.


  3. Ditto. No updating for me. I am so wary of EA patches that I don’t update unless I absolutely can’t avoid it. I decided to tidy up My Page and deleted a bunch of boxes. The next day they were back. I hardly look at it now, it’s just pointless.


  4. Your right, I hate this whole thing also. I have not spammed anyone with my stuff. I have ignored that stuff. How dare they make us have this, and do not give us a choice. I have taken off friends that spam me too much.


  5. Hon I feel ya, did you take that surwey that was posted? Not sure where it was I got hold of it but man I trashed EA to the core in that one LOL. something about EA getting ousted and replaced by activision by some tv channel 4 or something, but the survey was histyrical because EA actually thinks they should be paid anways, so they are suing the cahnnel. EA has lost their mind and the sparks have died in me when it comes to the sims anymore. Yeah I love to create but not at the expence of losing my sandbox to this crap.


  6. I hate the surveys. They just confuse me.

    Also, Bluebell, I can tell you that Showtime isn’t worth the money. My game lags like crazy in any town, and the town that comes with Showtime always crashes on me. So irritating.


  7. I don’t blame you. I have not updated either and I don’t plan to for as long as I can avoid it. I knew these kinds of issues would crop up. So did others. We pointed it out and had to put up with weeks of name calling and so forth because we dared speculate on EA’s ineptitude.
    And yet people still keep buying the utter garbage that EA keep churning out.It astonishes me. How far do they actually have to go before people draw a line, and say enough is enough – we’re sick of this utter shit you keep pushing at us?
    I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy any longer for people who suffer issues with their games when they defend EA to death, and then are the first ones posting “ZOMG HALP ME” threads all over the boards when the very crap they pay good money for, doesn’t work. Its EA. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that anything they shove out is going to be complete and utter broken down garbage.
    I’ll stick to playing Skyrim. At least Bethesda make an effort to support their community.


  8. I agree with you entirely! I will not update. I will not buy showtime. I hardly ever visit my page. The pages are a joke. I will still build because it is relaxing to me and play occasionally but that is all.


  9. No more EA anything for me. I found that since I decided to stop buying their crap I don’t get angry with them anymore. My game runs fine with no crashing or freezing and CAW works fine so I can still build and play when I feel like it. They can do whatever they want, I couldn’t care less.


    1. That’s exactly where I am too 🙂 It’s nice not having the EA rage anymore, simply because I couldn’t care less about them. Neither could a lot of people judging by their plummeting Stock price at the moment.


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