Can someone please explain to me…..

….. how The Sims 3 won the “prestigious” Shorty Award in the Gaming Category when, according to the Shorty website, they came 3rd?

Despite violating the Shorty Awards own rules, therefore qualifying for disqualification, TS3 won. Makes a mockery of the awards and EA.

12 thoughts on “Can someone please explain to me…..

      1. perhaps… but the fact they used bribery to get there just makes them a fraud and the awards pointless too. I think maybe the Shorty awards were too scared to disqualify them as they enjoyed the corporate endorsement. It’s a sad day though, leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. I need some tea to wash it away!


  1. Oh I saw that last night, even being sleepy I still looked at it with my WTF face. What a failure. *facepalms* And I can’t believe they actually won it with bribery. Oh no, too many EA cheerleaders! Save us!


  2. Well I know I was left speechless. How they managed to win is beyond me. Personally, it isn’t much of an award if they managed to win because someone was too scared to lose their corporate endorsement.
    If it were me, I’d take being endorsed by a rotten egg over EA any day. I’d be embarrassed to have their endorsement.


  3. Not only did they come third … they were a very long way behind the first two. Maybe it was the shorty award for bribery? (I notice the free set is one that most people own anyway … karma for those that did it for the free stuff!)


  4. Looks as though none of our emails about EA violating the terms received a single minute of attention from the Shorty people.

    Still, it’s not as though EA won a prize for The Sims 3 nor any of their other games. Nor for their customer service or being a great company. No, they took third place for bribing people to be their pretend friends on Twitter, then celebrate the fact by offering an old set of virtual stuff. Nothing to be proud of EA, but no great surprise either.


  5. Isnt it a huge joke. This past week EA have managed to irritate just about every nerve in my body to the point of having a near fit.
    I’ve noticed more and more of us are somehow loosing our purchased items in our purchase history in that when we go to download the item it says we do not own it. THREE hours to chat support to get an item refunded to me and because I got it on a daily deal they wanted to refund me the reduced price – advising me to buy it again at full price. NO SIR! So yeh, on top of that I asked why we were no longer able to gift the daily deal and guess what – the function has been REMOVED! I dont buy simpoints often but I feel like EA is just skankng us out of every penny they can get. I really hate them…. /SPIT!


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