Who’s more desperate?

Katy Perry for wanting to promote herself through a game which is in it’s final death throes and a company who’s share price is in freefall?

Or EA for churning out a Stuff pack dedicated to her because they seem to have completely lost the plot?

I don’t need more proof that EA are sticking two fingers up at the people who have been long term Sims players. Their obsession with social media, the laughable Shorty Awards where they were so quick to announce they had won even though there is still proof on the Shorty website that they came THIRD, and their pre-pubescent hysterical fixation with Katy Perry only reinforce that their target audience is now the little kiddies. Who rely on their parents for money to buy EA’s crappy wares.

18 thoughts on “Who’s more desperate?

  1. Hey hon… you’re absolutely right with this and I’m not going to buy this new sp even if my life depended on it. I know EA came third with the Shorty Award and I’m happy they weren’t 1st! This is proof that EA looks at money and (false, my opinion) respect while they don’t deserve it. They’ve been treating people abominably and they don’t deserve any respect.


  2. Saddest part is that this isn’t the end of the endorsement deal. It was mentioned a whole back that there were several projects they had agreed to work on together. So buckle up kids we are in for a bumpy ride.


  3. You always tell it like it is in a manner that is not condescending. I appreciate that. I think that they both are getting something out of this, she getting publicity and most likely money whenever they use her name, and they as you say are getting the “teeny boppers” to like the game, as most of them would rather play something else. It is just us longtime fans that still continue to play and support the company. Pre-teens are bored easily and most likely only play the game because mom or dad will not let them buy the “shoot-um-ups” but as soon as they can, EA has lost that fan base. They do not get it, they are trained monkeys with the zoo keepers in charge. This pack will appeal to my four year old granddaughter Rylee as she always wants me to make her some princesses and she loves candy land, so if it goes on sale better be a big discount, than maybe I will get it. The cupcake bra with the cherries on the nipples will not see the light of day in my game. Also to charge us more for the SP is just not kosher in my opinion, just selling the name and she is selling out. We could buy it and never open it, so that obsessive compulsive’ s like myself will have it and can keep it and sell it as a collectors item for the biggest failure ever. Have a great day! Jodi


  4. they know the adult players, are already sick of their shit and in many cases arent buying anymore. so who else to target but the people who dont own a wallet? mom and dad arent interested in the way EA is shafting their customers, so they will buy whatever little jenny asks for. ‘isnt this cute, it has cupcakes on it!”


  5. Ah! Finally! I was waiting for this post the minute I saw it advertised. What has this world come to?

    Be on the lookout for The Sims: Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton as well.


  6. I’m really disappointed with how low EA is falling. I was already furious with them for being so money-snatching, now they’ve just gone down lower than I thought they could get. All I can say is that I think Katy Perry and EA are nearly level on the amount of stupidity they have. *shakes head*


  7. Got to agree with you there. I’ve already decided I’m not bothering with Katy Perry Sweet Treats. I’ve actually only bought two SPs for TS3. If EA just did the right things (not that I’m saying everything they do is wrong, some stuff, albeit very small, is good) then they wouldn’t have people deciding not to buy their products, and people complaining, and they wouldn’t be in this state-a.k.a. your first sentence.
    Glitches, bugs etc. don’t bother me, and I usually just not buy an EP/SP if I don’t like it, I’m not particular bothered that they chose Katy Perry. But what you’re saying is very right. If they listened to people and recreated magic, seasons, and all the other things people wanted from TS2, they’d earn way more money; instead, they waste what could be our last couple of EPs and SPs for TS3. TS2 had 18, even though I only had the base game because I started playing towards the end, and TS3 already has 11, and a 12th planned (KPST). Sorry, mini-rant over, I don’t usually post about it, just silently curse EA for not doing what lots would buy, then saying they’re short of money.


  8. I’m just astounded by the shallow, inane “contributions” this…girl is making to the Sims. Much like her own music really.
    I’m just so sick of EA’s rush to join the rest of the sheep on the social network bandwagon, and the way the game is rapidly sliding downhill to the mentality level of toddlers. If I were a dev, I would be embarrassed to admit that I’d had anything to do with the creation of this part of the franchise.


  9. KP is a shameless self-promoter so I doubt she cares what her name is on (especially since it involves a big fat cheque … about $10 a copy sold I’m guessing … for doing not much at all). I don’t think that really counts as desperation, more like money for jam.

    In EA’s case, I guess they are testing the “I buy everything Sims (even if it’s not very good)” mentality to see how far they can push it. They are clearly desperate to sell anything, anyhow to their target market (which is dumb since there are plenty of great ideas from simmers that would see them making money for jam from a much broader market).

    There’s one other group that should rate a mention… the simmers that are desperate to own the whole TS3 set, regardless of what it contains. I don’t have a problem with those that actually want the stuff pack but there are many that think it’s too silly or pricey (or they won’t use the stuff) but admit they will still buy it anyway. These are the ones that really have me shaking my head at the moment.


  10. The pictures of the new stuff make me feel ill – too much sugar! In the chemist yesterday a girl was buying Katy Perry eyelashes; she’s freakin’ everywhere!


  11. Not much I can add to what has already been said here. Like the guy said in the Forbes article, Nothing will change until we start voting with our wallets. That’s what I’m doing. No more EA products for me.


  12. omg I’m having a bad time commenting on here lately so I’m trying again now.

    I think it’s a disgrace, yes I know the berry simmers will like it and the kids but it’s not for me.
    Now putting the contents of this SP asides for a moment, the price! Where the hell are they going with that??? $30 in US = £18 so why is it £25? More to the point, why is it the same price as an EP?!
    As a parent, I might of considered purchasing this for my daughter and the other kids in my family who stay over and play but not at that stinking price! No way jose, corporate greed at it’s finest.
    Not to mention the culling of ‘gift daily deal’. The two combined plus changes to the store – buy the set now or wait a week or 2 until you can buy seperate items makes me want to find the guy behind this and headbutt him.

    Oh and EA’s response to winning the Poo was “We’re sure that British Petroleum, AIG, Philip Morris, and Halliburton are all relieved they weren’t nominated this year. We’re going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide.”
    What a bunch of twats. If they could only pull their heads out of their arses for a moment …


  13. I just recently came back to the Sims 3 more of a sims 2 fan here. Nonetheless came to play the Sims 3 and all was well at first..no freezing no shutdowns..then Katy Perry Showtime comes out..I’m watching all the posts about the excitement so I get excited and purchase. Wow, what a big mistake on so many levels..I have done the patches thing thinking this is what I was supposed to do..A big no no..so this is how I end up here. I will not be buying anymore EP’s/SP’s or whatever there called until they fix there issues with gameplay. I personally don’t care about the price that is how much I love the Sims, but what I don’t like is…. paying my hard earned money for crap! Not for my kids or myself..Bluebella, thank you for all of your threads..I too am a MAC user so I have happened across a lot of your threads lately..Thank you for posting and sharing..


  14. I do not understand why EA chooses this path. Why not try the first game of the regular game bug fix? And why do they not learn from their surveys that pleases the players and what not? I’m not a baby and so I will not get me Katy Perry.


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