SimGuruPopTwat is illiterate

I am so bored right now but thought I’d share this little funny with you, dear reader:

“Subscribe to our official channel and leave comment” 

Leave A comment PopTwat, A comment. You represent EA, at least try and make an effort. If only to set an example for the little kiddies that you’re so desperately trying to bleed dry of any money that they or their parents have.

Looks like EA have been raiding the desperation bin again too, judging by the crap they’ve unearthed from some old cupboard. Who the fuck would want a Sims Medieval t-shirt?

Have a great weekend everyone 😀

7 thoughts on “SimGuruPopTwat is illiterate

  1. Why does this “giveaway” reek of the desperation of a drowning man clutching at straws? Not to mention the appalling grammatical, spelling and syntax errors by EA’ss CS but now by their Guru’s as well?
    You know, reading the forums really irritates me. What is it with people these days that they seem to think that good grammar, spelling and sentence structure is not important? This is excluding people who are ESL, dyslexic , have problems, etc, but I’m talking about the plain old lazy twits who I’ve seen say repeatedly “oh, spelling isn’t important”. Well newsflash brainless yobs, IT IS ! The same people who think “you” is represented by “u” or “ur” . Or think “be” is represented as “b”

    I bloody well hate it. Also, my other pet peeve, for the love of god, “Lose” is NOT spelled with a double O !!!

    Err sorry Bluebell. I didn’t mean to rant on your blog, but really, this kind of thing totally pisses me off.


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