Forum police are out in force

Seriously, they’re still around? Jumped up Simmers dictating what we can and can’t post? I know that the moderators and gurus seem to disappear to la-la land over weekends but honestly, are you self appointed forum police traffic wardens in real life?

After my little rant about SimGuruPopTwat’s typo yesterday, I decided to be a bit mischievous and start a thread over on the forum:

Obviously heavily dripping in sarcasm but pointing out that someone working for EA really should know better and at least proofread what they have written. Most sane people seem to have understood my tongue in cheek approach to admonishing a guru but no, apparently some have no sense of humour or have their heads so far up EA’s arse they are incapable of seeing both sides of the coin.

All I could think of to respond was this:

So for those of you who seem to be having a problem with understanding my thread, let me simplify it for you:

  • I couldn’t give a toss whether a guru is able to string a sentence together or not.
  • did you not notice the sly dig at EA’s apparent direction for The Sims – “Because the game is really being pushed towards children and teenagers now”
  • a blatant dig at how so many threads are moved to Ideas & Feedback for no apparent reason, yet others aren’t when they damn well should be – “Sorry, should have posted this in Ideas & Feedback instead of General Discussion. I’m fully expecting it to be moved there at the earliest opportunity”
  • another blatant dig at how inept the moderators and gurus are on the forums, especially at weekends – “thank the moderators for being so diligent in taking care of erroneous threads”

I mean, how much clearer do I have to make it?

15 thoughts on “Forum police are out in force

  1. I saw this on my iPhone, read it and facepalmed. Seriously, why can’t those idiots realize that you’re just – damn it, I forgot my word for it…oh yeah, not being mean? More people being trapped and forced into the lair of EA cheerleaders, maybe? 😉


  2. lol…. some people….!
    Lets just assume that those most upset about this rather tongue in cheek affair, are the children and teenagers the game is being pushed towards!


  3. Bluebell, they just love to have some drama. If not your post than someone else’s. We have both “dumbed” and made our teens feel they have rights to everything, and that everything they say or think is right. That is what we have done to America’s youth. They are now gullible, and they believe whatever they are told, hence that is why EA can sell them anything.


  4. You’ll rarely find anyone over on the official boards who recognises subtle sarcasm, or indeed subtlety of any kind. Frankly, 90% of the people need to be facepalmed into a brick before they’d even realise what it was.
    This goes hand in hand with the “spelling isn’t important” bs I was raving about yesterday. PopTwit should be making an effort to make sure that her messages are proof read, but in reality she doesn’t strike me as being a mental genius in the first place. Actually, no one who would willingly work for EA can possibly be right in the head anyway.


  5. Oh – I just noticed that Rflong wrote ‘check’ instead of ‘cheek’ – if she’s going to misspell her own words, she’s got no right to criticize you over the fact that you noticed that PopTwat probably skipped English too much in school. 😉


  6. Maybe it wasn’t a missing word but words … (leave) “an officially sanctioned EA-friendly” (comment)?

    Anyway, most of their announcements have a least one spelling or grammatical error … maybe that’s why they like twat-er so much?


  7. How dare you post something on the EA forum that is critical of EA or any of their people. Who do you think you’re talking to. EA is the greatest game company on earth and they do not make mistakes.

    Thanks for providing me with a good chuckle this morning.


  8. It’s a shame that people don’t value spelling and accuracy. It’s a lot easier for people to understand each other if everyone makes an effort to write properly – especially on a site used by people from all over the world who may not have English as their first language. Anyone can make a mistake, we all do sometimes, but if I were to have an error pointed out to me then I would want to correct it, especially if it was something I had written at work. I am not sure that guru is an appropriate title for poptwit or any of the others!


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