Should I be flattered that EA have plagiarised from my website?


I’ve just seen this thread over on the Mac forum:

If you click on the link that Nichaedemus links to you”ll be directed to this:

And here’s the page from my website:

I created that page on the 4th September 2011. EA created theirs on the 24th April this year, 3 days ago.

Nice to see that they still have no clue when it comes to Macs, resorting to copying, pasting and ever so slightly editing, the text from someone else’s website.

19 thoughts on “Should I be flattered that EA have plagiarised from my website?

  1. I saw that post and was going to give the simmer a link to the guide on your webpage… then I saw that Nichaedemus answered her. I did get a sense of deja vu when I followed his link. Plagiarism!


  2. I read that, turned and slammed my head on the wall. Seriously?! Who does EA think they are KIDDING? Obviously not you. I can’t believe this…first Simmers on the website and now EA.

    How unprofessional. I mean, why bother posting your helpful information if EA’s just going to steal it from you? Bluebell, all I can say is, whoever posted that should be fired. What a FAIL. Actually, I think EA’s the fail here. As always. 🙄


  3. Just tried adding you to Friends in lieu of the current email subscription, but it didn’t offer the option to send you a message along with the friend request. I apologise for that. I’m not actually a RL friend, just a Bluebell Blog-follower and disaffected Simmer ho keeps returning to the darned thing even though I deeply dislike it most of the time. I’m also really over Sim Social but friends play it so I keep my hand in for them, frustrating though the game usually is. (I think they forgot to put ‘fun’ in it.)

    by the way, EA seem to have deleted the first page you linked to – I guess they didn’t like being caught out in the plagiarism!


  4. well since they obviously know nothing about macs, they HAD to get the info from somewhere…. and conveniently posted their own ‘info’ page to cover their asses. how classy


  5. I don’t understand…. Isn’t that information common knowledge? There’s only one way to do it, right? So wouldn’t it be the same no matter what? I don’t see how its plagiarism…. I’m not trying to be rude,I’m just confused.


    1. When you uninstall an Application on a Mac you don’t normally have to spend 10 minutes rooting around in the Library to get rid of all traces of the program in order to get a reinstall to work.

      Take a minute to read EA’s text and my text and you’ll see that they’ve copied and pasted my text and changed a couple of words. It’s pathetic that a global multi billion dollar company had to copy text from some nobody’s website because they couldn’t figure out how to do one of the most basic procedures themselves on a platform which they supposedly support.


    1. Yeah I saw it. It’s a browser issue. Clearing the cache and cookies or resetting Safari normally fixes it. I can’t get on the website sometimes but I think it happens to everyone at some point.


  6. This is unsurprising. They can’t make the game run on a mac so how the hell would they know how to clean install one unless they flogged the info from elsewhere?
    It isn’t the first time they pinched things from the community – if I recall correctly, I’ve seen it mentioned that they’ve used Pescado’s code to fix their bugs in Sims 2 before. Obviously he’s better at it than they are if they felt the need to take it.
    They could have at least put a little “thanks to BBF for the info” on the page. But again, unsurprising.


    1. Well that’s not going to help them much is it? They can’t find the uninstaller! And there’s no mention of dragging the game icons to the trash which would be the first thing to do. Seriously, Nichaedemus needs to get the fuck out of the Mac forums as he hasn’t a clue.


  7. Well, look at it like that. At least they copied from a site where the information is correct ;).
    I’m surprised, however, that they don’t do the same for PC help, because the help section of Modthesims, for example, is way more accurate than their own.


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