Nichaedemus, you’re really no good in the Mac forum.

I know you’ve probably been sent over there by EA to try and keep Mac users happy but you’re really, really unhelpful. The Mac forum needs an EA mod/guru/developer who actually knows the Mac OS and how Cider works, not someone to try and placate those pesky ‘other’ computer users.

I’m sure, no, I know, that you are extremely helpful to Windows users over in the Technical Discussion forum. So why don’t you just stay over there? All you ever do in the Mac forum is regurgitate links to threads and EA’s supposed Mac help pages. You don’t seem to have the first clue as to how a Mac works otherwise you would be able to pick through posts and try to offer OS specific help, like the majority of Mac users do.

This post of yours just shows how little you know:

So she should delve into the Library files without having trashed the actual Sims 3 applications and Documents folder first? Genius. Oh and by the way, your precious EA link to the uninstall page which they copied from my website? They missed out the Caches folder.

5 thoughts on “Nichaedemus, you’re really no good in the Mac forum.

  1. *slams head on desk* I just…wow. I only trash the Transgaming files without uninstalling if I don’t have the time to uninstall – but Nich is truly pathetic in the Mac forum. Actually, I think the only time he was helpful there was in a thread I had put there (that you also responded to) whis was quickly deleted. Probably because he shocked EA so much that he appeared to have brains, and he was probably ordered to not have intellegence again.

    I nominate Bluebell to be the moderator of the Mac forum! Because you’ll do a lot better job than anyone else. Although knowing EA, they won’t make you a mod unless you paid them. As usual. 🙄


  2. Hey Bluebell

    They are really so incompetent, this is why their chat is so bad they do not know what they are doing they just have “canned” responses for the people to “shut us up”. Maybe if the rumor is true, and I hope it is not, that when they merge or are taken over by Nexon, (I think) that they will know more about what they are talking about. Or they will have more trained people. I kind of doubt they will, as a leopard does not change his spots, he is still a leopard. Jodi


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