How EA REALLY dealt with the troll.

I’ve just been over to Grumpy Toast and seen her hilarious post from earlier this month about EA visiting her site and reading about the troll who finally disappeared. Bit slow on the uptake huh EA?

Which brings me onto something I stumbled upon at the end of last month (thanks for reminding me AE). When I found out EA had copied and pasted one of my Mac help pages from my website it made me start looking at my EA main account page, specifically any support tickets I’d opened with them. Of course, barely anything showed up because they either didn’t bother opening one after a chat with so called customer service, or they had closed them as ‘resolved’ even though I had never received that oh so elusive email we are always promised. Here are the only 3 cases which are showing up:

I’m still waiting on an email I was promised from my query on the 27th about an outstanding gameplay issue on my Mac…. Anyway, see that ticket number 02275594 dated the 31st January, the one with 15 notes next to it? I had no idea what that was about so I clicked on it and BAM! I really don’t think that the notes attached were meant to be added so I could see them. They were almost definitely for internal EA correspondence only. Naturally I screen-grabbed them…… 😉 So, lovely reader, take a read of how EA tried to deal with sesert, and failed miserably, paying particular attention to the dates and times of the emails:
Time to get a 4th person involved:
……… And a 5th:
Sod it, let’s throw a party and add a couple more:
Need a reminder about the account they’re talking about from the first email? Because you can still access it although it is set to private. Click on the picture to be taken to the page:
Now the big guns come out – they’re CC’ing the Customer Support team! It’s comforting to know that EA get Page 404’s when they’re performing maintenance on their own site isn’t it:
Damn right we believed nothing was happening. Why is it so difficult to delete web pages and accounts? Time to add another person into the mix, EA Rep. 8:
Hmmmmm, I wonder which sim guru EA Rep. 3 is:
Get’s a bit juicier now. Another great example of EA’s shit Live Chat:
So all of us going to the Police, FBI, media etc. did worry EA, ever so slightly. Time for EA to try and cosy up to me:
Customer relations heroes? Seriously? What kind of a job title is that?
The following day I received an email and phone call from an EA Rep. I blogged about it here. As we all know, EA did fuck all in the end and it was only because of xXAngelicEvilXx’s sheer frustration and tenacity (with a tiny bit of help from me and other members of a hidden FaceBook group) that we finally managed to get rid of sesert once and for all. EA’s answer was to revamp the My Pages so they were even more open to abuse. It’s still as easy as ever to set up a new account, no new measures have been introduced. And all those user names which they got rid of? They’re still there, just with settings set to private.

20 thoughts on “How EA REALLY dealt with the troll.

  1. I read through that (was going to read it on my email but it had a ton of broken images) and just did a WTF face. Really, EA? REALLY? I can’t believe they said the accounts were deleted, when in all actuality they were hidden.

    All I can say is, this is an EPIC FAIL on EA’s part. I swear, they get more stupid every month. *headdesk* Poor planning with the My Pages, I guess. Sometimes I wonder if EA is run by 8 year olds…pathetic. Wonder how much money they had to hand over to make their artificial brains that don’t know a damn thing. 😉


  2. Wringing their hands because they might look bad is probably “doing everything in their power”. Deleting reported accounts and stopping him creating more is clearly outside their control … since they can’t even work out what admin or mod powers would be and who has them.


  3. Just goes to show that they don’t even listen to their own employees. EA Rep 8 seemed to care and be listening but it never went any further than that and security on the site is still crap.
    Quite amazing incompetence really. Thank goodness the community cares more about itself than they do.


  4. That reads like a script for a very bad joke along the lines of “how many EA employees does it take to hide a webpage?”

    Customer relations “heroes”…. “reaching out”…. I despair. Less meaningless chatter and more action is required.

    I’m just glad that you and AE and the others in the facebook group managed to bring down the troll. It is plain as day that EA would never have managed it. Eight of them working together can’t even hide a page on their own site!


  5. You guys were great with this. I was so happy when AE got him off the forums. I was pleasantly surprised last night when I actually got a CS person who did something for me and was very polite. I actually had 2 of them as we lost contact the first time. Maybe they are getting better help (NOT!). EA heros are you facebook group. You are my heros.


  6. Broken company, Broken games, Broken Customer Service, Broken CEO (John), Broken websites of their broken games, Broken forums of said broken games. Broken everything.


  7. I know I’m late to the *facepalm* game, but this is by far the funniest thing I’ve read in a while and I had to comment. EA’s ineptitude is both hilarious and frustrating. It’s almost karmic that they function as poorly internally as they do with their customers and programming. But it also gives no hope that we’ll have a functioning game anytime soon. Anyways, thanks for lighting the candle under their asses to make them DO THEIR DAMN JOBS, and being a big voice in giving us Mac users some justice.


  8. What the actual crap? Wow, that is a ridiculous chain of events. You say this was in your private inbox? Wow, EA is so incompetent that they can’t even keep their private conversations private. /facepalm

    Yeah, it’s ridiculous how little they do to handle trolls and harassers. I agree with your suggestions – it’s a great idea that in order to register an account, one must have an unused game code and valid email address. Surely that wouldn’t be hard to implement. But then again, this is EA we’re talking about. There’s a reason they won the Golden Poop Award two years in a row.

    I guess I should look around the site and see if I also see some of those pages. I can’t comprehend why it’s so hard to block and completely remove someone’s account. While they’re at it, they should probably ban the IP addresses of those trolls.


  9. I know I arriving very late to the party, dear BluebellFlora, but you and the small band of courageous people who joined with you – to fight off that troll – should be called The Incredibles. Many thanks for your perseverance x


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